Teams deliberately losing + no upgrades.

I appreciate this may well be unique to our league, the second one down from the top… But…

It seems due to the gap in performance of the top ten teams in the top league and the next one down, many teams, especially ones that have experienced players in who have been in the top 3 before, are deliberately dropping torches. So we don’t get promoted. I know my team is and others as well, last season we didn’t fight Balance of power in the last round as both of us didn’t want to risk gaining any torches, so we basically both sat it out as neither wanted promotion. 

I appreciate there’s little can be done other than making the rewards better for promotion (as per the other thread) maybe promoted teams get a boost? I thought it needed to be a new thread as it’s yet another spin on how things are (not)developing/stagnating.

Secondly, please give us some upgrades! My team is nowhere near the top in regards of experienced players, yet the apathy is everywhere, many players not bothering to fight or taking the war off, others like myself have dropped from the team to a baby, low level team as we can’t be bothered to try in wars… Because there simply is no point, we have everything maxed, forging is completely pointless (Cheers for taking away the only thing we enjoyed) and there is no reason to play. The game chats are dead, compared to another game chat that a load of OR players have joined (Wartide) and it’s super busy and active.

You are losing you core players with your inactively and lack of input.

Sorry to be miserable, but it’s how it is.

The problem with titan league isn’t so much the hard bases, its the problem when you get to the gate - chaos gate when there’s an impossibly difficult GK who WILL kill all your troops quickly leaving just the hero to destroy the gate in the seconds that remain and avoid getting killed himself at the same time. 

Again I only find this particular problem when I fight vs the big 3 alliances, and I put the issue down to OP gear on the GK including mirror shield (most OP item in this game btw). Yes a single pyro invocation can often solve this issue for 6 gems per battle, but many don’t want to fight in titan league just to spend gems vs players with bugged gear.  That is how we feel in our alliance also (2nd div). 

New lvls were due months ago, but I actually think this will cause larger problems due to how the ascension points are distributed.  There’s not a player with bugged gear that will raise their ambrosia silo for an ascension lvl gain, but they’ll raise all 8 barricades for prob  not even 1 ascension lvl gain. Waves etc,  bahhffff.    Caps are need on items at all lvls, then give the extra lvls.

You know you don’t have to kill the gk, right? You don’t even have to try. 

What else to do when you get to the gate with 1 minute + to spare. But after a minute and no scratch tells me that the items these GK’s have aren’t normal. But yes if I fight a golden statue or other podium colour, it’s normally don’t bother annoying the GK.

So you’re saying that defenses are so easy that you can get to the gate with 1 minute + left, and that the only challenge in the game is completely optional, and that this is a problem why? You want there to be no challenges left? 

I have a question why all top teams are filled with 50 level 131 player(well most of the player base anyway)?

And now developers have made them more stronger by giving all war blessings of the game and how do they expect some level 110 or 112 to fight those level 131 player base for a month?

Anyways it seems developers expect that all OR players are 125 or above and can fight accounts with bugged items as developers called them in past.

(I always find developers lucky as they do not play OR and just enjoy making this game miserable with every update.

When they introduced the concept of forging why they didn’t put max caps on items as they did now almost waiting after a year.)

I think they expect the top teams to play against each other, like we do in war. Not a hard concept.

the only ones who do not want challenges are those like you who want to keep keeping buggy items and all the millet blessings to win easily so stop making the 2 penny philosopher. Alternatively if you have nothing to hide let us see a video with your inventory (slot slot) without hiding anything and show us your gatekeeper’s LOH … you are pathetic in this desperate attempt to defend the indefensible

Personal attacks are against the forum rules. But i told you last week, with no life on hit items i have 20K loh on my statue. 

Get it?

No, and I can only do that with maximum 2 heroes with uniques and 5* forged items and some refined 5* silver items in ALL item slots, and that’s with selecting the right items/powers/troops; using def mode correctly etc.  Troops don’t matter though when you get to the gate of these bases as anything in area damage gets killed in 1 second. Sure hydra’s last longer.   I don;t want to fight battles donating countless gems to players whom FG blessed with bugged items.

None of that sounds like a problem to me. Sorry you don’t enjoy the game. There are other games out there to play!


Like seriously, do you think that even the best player in the game doesn’t need to use fully forged gear and select the most appropriate powers and units for each defense? Why is that even a point you’re trying to make?

what personal attack? if you refer to the last sentence you must know that it was plural, referring to all the elites who want to defend the indefensible, but unfortunately in the translation from Italian to English you lose the plural, if then your last intervention is an attempt to make me to resume and silence an uncomfortable voice then it is another matter

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

So you want defences that 99% of players can’t actually beat no matter what troops/power/ skill you have. The 1% being those who were gifted the ability to keep known bugged items. 

If I can get to the best defences with a minute to spare without bugged gear, of course the top players don’t need to have fully forged gear, but the fact is they have as they have been at maximum lvl for so long and have had and continue to have a huge advantage.  It’s people like you who will bring this game to a collapse all for the sake of clinging to imbalance in the game for your own advantage… In relation to this thread, might be worth creating 6-7 skeleton alliances for you to play in the titan league, whats the minimum required 9 players?  You spoil the game for us we can return the favour.

I get hit for 95% and no invos or 1 pyro constantly, by players from level 115 all the way up to 131.


Honestly, if you dislike the game so much, why not find something else to play? It’s not worth all this angst.

Honestly ,  no one dislike the game, we dislike the selfish attitude of the old players who, in order to preserve the advantages, are leading the game to collapse, and in spite of this you continue to ask for further advantages

This is a lie, but if it makes you feel better to post angry rants on the forums, I won’t stand in your way!

this is a lie ? show a video whit your inventory slot by slot and yours gatekeeper’ loh 

what would that prove to you?

I see the potential in the game, which has been diminishing for some time by devs following advice from biased sources, don’t worry I will quit when I’m ready, don’t need you or anyone else to advise me of this action. In fact, it would be better if you and the other ‘cheaters’ with bugged items quit…for the benefit of the 99%.  Go on you could see the outdoor again, it’s not scary you know.