Teams lockdown during Alliance Wars

Dear Dev,

just a suggestion for game to lock down teams during events (meaning no one can leave or join teams during an event) to prevent possible exploits.



I had brought this up previously but it was ignored. 

And now there are teams exploiting this by exchanging members during this war so that they combined two (or was it three?) guilds’ stronger members to fight against our team to win. 

Look. If the game does not see this as an issue, this alliance war become meaningless becoz teams will fix the war results among themselves again and again. 

Want a good example? See the influx of SW and RS members in DM during the current war now. Bunch of wussies ganging up on WE coz they know their teams can’ t handle WE team on team…

Had a similar incident happened in another game “War Dragons” where people are leaving their alliance during the event to go get easy personal tier rewards. In the end the game was smart enough to come up with a counter, once someone leave team when event start, the person will not be able to join another team during the duration of the event and the team will be one man short for the duration of the event. I hope OR does the same for fair play.


As I already said on LINE, players who join an Alliance during an ongoing war are not allowed to fight in this war. Also, when a player leaves an Alliance while at war this player cannot be attacked anymore by the other Alliances.

@DrizztRay The mechanics of the game do not allow you to move players from one alliance to another once the war has started. Any player movement before the war is done without knowledge of who will fight who. With regard to being a bunch of Wussies not able to handle WE team on team, we’ve just been through a war where you haven’t attacked RS a single time and haven’t defended against any RS attack. Who exactly are the Wussies here?

This was something we brought up 6 weeks ago when you’re alliance Worlds End, Seal, Blue Line Texas Lonestar and Spartan Wars  decided to combine to take down Elite Crew. 

Unfortunately your leadership double crossed 1 of your allies who told us what had been going on. And joined our side. 

We also thought this to be unfair but were told this was not breaking any rules. 

So we went to work building our own alliances while your leadership simply sucked good alliances dry of good players and left the rest in no win situations ie Blue Line. 

Now the shoe is on the other foot you cry foul. 

It takes a lot of work pre war to organise what we did against you. So you or Seal would have nowhere to run and we could take all your islands. 

What motivated 6 alliances to join forces and take you down? Again your leadership Korzons and crabz.

Don’t get mad at us for doing very well what they started and failed. 

Sorry to your members but a lot of people wanted to teach crabz a lesson. 

If you are seriously proud of what you guys had did this war, then I will applaud you if it make you happy. :wink:

Unfortunately our hands are pretty full this war dealing with DM and their SW / RS recruits, thus we did not bother with any of the strikes with RS. 

We will love to fight RS properly on another day when the battleground is more fair. 

Lol. Dun worry about our members, all of us are happy with the gems and 45k vp we able to score for the battle chests. We do pity the fools in SW who had nowhere to earn their 45k VP though.

Thanks for opening our eyes to how this war system can be exploited though. Maybe this is an interesting area which the devs can look into  since you guys had shown them how predictable the match making can be. 

Wow you’re all bitter and twisted. 

Lets do this again soon

Easier next time. No war blessings lol


Right now the alliance “APOCALIPSE PAPAXOTA” spends all furies on a battle and then 80% of their members leave the alliance. By that not giving the opponents much to attack. Short after this battle is over they all rejoined to land their next cheat.

Hence forbid joining an alliance during a war and deduct significantly high number of points for every member leaving during a war. 

If this is not changed I will uninstall this otherwise super game.

They are not barred from fighting in war after leaving and rejoining their alliance? Write to the tech support, should be faster than posting here, because then it is a clear game mechanic abuse.

Normally, when a player leaves an alliance during war, his war points are deduced from the alliance score on the island(s) he fought on.

Additionally, joining the alliance again prevents him from fighting during this war, he normally has to wait until the next one.

They did this two Times we recognized it. 16 members left at once and no points have been deducted on the concerned island. Whether the members could not fight after again joining we cannot see. But for sure leaving after the lower rank member spend all his fury “pays off”. No points reduced and less possibility for the opponents to score.  

That’s not supposed to happen. 


hey @dumpster and @ataide 

What @MisterTom said is true.If low level players use all thier furies before one hour time is left for a strike to over and leave the war.The opposite team players will not get the chance to fight low level Ascension players and instead will be forced to fight high level players.I am saying this because it happened with me too on one particular war and I hate this mechanics.

When you leave a team during war all your points for any open strikes get removed, also.  And if you re-join the team you can’t participate in war. This might be a strategy for the last strike possibly, but it could easy make a team lose as well. 

And the other team might just be kicking players that are not performing in war. 

Well @dumpster ,what you are saying may be true but in my case I actually saw those some players in that same alliance after war ended as they appeared on my map.So,I checked their team and to my shock it was same team.This tactic does work when you are facing a team that have more members than your team and Their top level players have all level 20 heroes.While your team does not have have much high level players.So,their fury recharges much faster as compared to a level 17,8 or 19 hero.


You can kick a player during war and then take them back in the alliance.  However, when you do that, they can no longer attack anyone in war, nor can they be attacked during war. If they’re on your regular map that’s fine, but it doesn’t affect war at all. ALSO, any VP that those players scored on open strikes will be deleted. So if Alliance A has 75,000 VP total scored on an island, and they kick a player who has scored 5,000 VP, the new total VP for that island becomes 70,000. However, in a skirmish war where only 75% of scores count (or clash where only 40% count), it’s entirely possible for a team to kick several players and not affect the scoring for a specific island. Skirmish favors teams with a smaller number of active players over bigger teams with less active or low scoring players. The big problem is that skirmish and clash are both really bad, poorly designed war modes and the game will get instantly better when @CaptainMorgan and @Chris finally get rid of these modes. I know they spent time designing and refining these 2 deeply flawed war modes, but it’s sunk cost fallacy at this point. Please turn them off today, before the next war. They suck.