Teams with wrong war blessings

My alliance (Olympus Overlords) is in League of Demi-Gods.  We are facing two teams this war that both still have barricade war blessings.  I assume they were in League of gods, got demoted and didn’t lose the blessing.


the two teams are Deutschlander and Olympus hero’s.


Please remove their blessings to fit the appropriate league.


thank you.

Hold on guys. My words of support. No one will change anything.


FYR second Alliance

Guys I hope Fg listens to your complain.

They didn’t listen to mine???

They’ve known about the bug extending war blessings past the current season for a long time.  I thought it was fixed but I guess not.

I’d also like to know if this is just the end of the old bug, or the start of a new bug. 

I’m afraid it’s a new “wanted Bug”, if the developers wanted to solve it would take 10 seconds to solve it and instead we have the seals that for the second consecutive season use undeserved blessings distorting everything

I have no idea why they can’t fix this bug or they don’t want to vasudeva1.

It is wrong that few teams are enjoying previlege through cheating while rest are forced to fight them in wars and use gems to beat them.

I don’t think that first team up top, Olympus hero’s, is giving anyone a hard time. 

Edit: but I agree that this is one of those bugs where we should probably get regular updates on what’s going on until it’s completely resolved. It’s annoying for everyone. 

I hope that the update will do so before these alliances come back in the TL or before the blessings end, but I have a bad feeling

I just meant an update from the team saying something like “the bug was fixed in October, the last unearned blessing will expire on December 2nd”, something like that. Otherwise we’re all guessing whether it was actually fixed or not. Or if the old bug was fixed, but there’s a new bug. 

Someone is wondering if it is new bug or old…who cares,BUG STILL EXIST! So,what is the point of these war leagues anyway when some allinaces have a constant advantages over others,even in the same league??? Is it fair that alliance who won their Gigas Trebuchet in the first seasons kept it till today,even when they aren’t first anymore!? Chaos Gate in league of Gods? It is theoretically possible to have Chaos Gate in league of Demi-Gods! If this will be a case forever,we want fair war blessings distibution like before 4.0.!

@HeliosSRB The advantages are always given to the usual alliances/players

The bug was fixed in the sense that now you can’t extend the war blessings past the end of the next season. But they can’t take back what had been extended, so those current “illegal” blessings will expire when the clock ticks to zero. How long? Only the guys of those alliances (and the dev) know.

I think an alliance like seal has gold to prolong the blessing of war for a year or 2, this means that they will have these undeserved blessings until they return to TL and then the “bug” will be “solved by itself” 

Yeah, cut them off to the end of the war season and give back gold value for whatever was over that.  Or just say, bug fixed and good luck.

Actually, I disagree. It’s extremely important to find out if this is the old bug or a new bug.

What is extremely important,is to SOLVE this bug ASAP,just like they did in RR2.

Exact, also keep these blessings to those who are not entitled is a theft against honest players