Tech research.

This is not a tree it is 3 separate lines without any cross over options anywhere.  Not a fan. 

Just saying

Yeah, the tech tree isn’t really a tree. However, I do like the options that it gives us. It’s a good feature. To make it fun though, the tech tree should be found in the tree directly in front of the Alliance HQ rather than in the HQ itself. Like a magic tree or something. That’d be pretty fun

Exactly, There are no branches so this is not a tree.  



I like it.  You have to choose your specialization this way.  

You can be more specialized when there are branches.  


+1 attack and +1 defence shouldn’t be at beginning of tech tree. They must be at least 1 a half day away so you cannot research them with first day or so.

I like how tech tree is now: a part related to attack, a part related to defense and a part related to energy, worker and watchtower.