Technical error of Royal Revolt on Windows Phone 10

Many players using Windows Phone 10 has been facing an error since the day 11 September with the release of an update that was supposed to resolve errors and bring news actually brought more headaches, some already have posted their complaints no one of support. What happened to flaregames support staff? They took vacations?

We’re running out of time because the war will end and our aid will expire.

Please someone from tech support, administration, moderators … Give us an explanation.

Good morning :slight_smile:



Muitos jogadores que usam Windows Phone 10 vem enfrentando um erro desde o dia 11 de setembro com a liberação de uma atualização que era para resolver erros e trazer novidades mais na verdade trouxe dor de cabeça, uns já postaram suas reclamações mais ninguém da suporte. O que houve com pessoal do suporte da flaregames? Tiraram férias?

Estamos ficando sem tempo pois a guerra vai acabar e nossos auxílios vão expirar.

Por favor alguém do suporte técnico, administração, moderadores… Nos dê explicação.

Bom dia :slight_smile:

Support Team don’t work on weekend (Saturday and Sunday) so i suggest you to wait Monday and then contact support here if you are still facing the problem:


I’ve heard me too that there are people that are meeting this problem even if they have the latest version (windows phone 10). However i’m sorry to say you that i don’t have a solution for you, i don’t know why even if you have windows phone 10 you still encounter this problem.


I know only that in order to play correctly the game without problems players must upgrade windows to windows 8.1 or windows 10 version.


Windows 8.0 and Metro are no longer supported.



And who loses it’s us.

Congratulations flaregames!

I updated the game on my phone (lumia 535, windows 10) and when I try to play the game it says v1.8.6 and makes me download the new update. But when I click it directs me to the game page in windows store where the game is already updated. What is going on guys?

Yes, mine is also (Windows 10 535). Never goes out of the screen to download update more when I walk in the store has nothing to update.