Technical issues!!

Hello all olympians
After a long time playing OR still there are too many bugs in this game & they are even increasing more & more!!
By Ignoring all previous bugs,this last update’s issues have been the most disastrous of all!
Too many bugs in the new update after a long time working on it is a big disaster for a 2year lasting game!
And what’s the worst part?
Rewarding game players and say sorry we can’t fix this due to technical issues, this is unacceptable!
You guys have messed up the entire war balance & team rankings in a way that has lost all its fairness. By last war’s wrong team divisions in the leagues - some have gotten many free torches in a system where every torch comes with great struggle & has tremendous value to each & every clan. It obviously seems unfair that some handed over several or even one torche(s) while the rest of alliances had to fight hard to gain a percentage of that or normal number of torches!
It seems you’ve taken this too easy!! Gotta make some revisions @CaptainMorgan @GalaMorgane some amount of gems doesn’t make me ignore these injustices in the game in charge of our team.
Some alliances have taken advantage of it & some got damaged probably, hope you all understand what I’m saying & attend it neutrally. :v:

They took everything fun out of the game (ie: furging) the only thing i was looking forward to was the new war system but right off the bat they messed it up with the whole tourche thing. They say we Can’t fix it, i suggest making all tourches “zero” its a new system, lets all have a fresh start and prove who is worthy. That way we can all respect the top alliances more than ever. 

well I am new to the game only been playing about 2 months, so not sure I am qualified to speak about much, since I do not know much, but it appears that the balance between the old timers, sorry if that offended one and us newbies is so vast that we can never catch up and if we could what would we have gained, if is as bad as you the upper level players say it has gotten to be. if this sounds like a  persons that is confused you are right , it appears very few are happy and the rest of us do not know that we are suppose to be unhappy, respectfully acknard.

I agree with Cyrus’s view
This is really a big problem to be solved …
Please do this as soon as possible

Everything is being sorted out, day after day, why ppl continue opening such topics? ?

'cause crying and complaining is always so good and helpful!

I do like that idea of everyone starting with 0 torches though

I don’t think  + or - 5-6 torches is going to make that much difference in the grand scale of things, the league ranges are very big especially lower down, and if you got promoted or relegated, the disparity will sort itself quickly. The Devs state the major issues (forging exempt) have been sorted, so let’s be happy and see how it goes.

Starting on 0 torches in each league starts all on a lvl playing field, so it’s as fair as we can hope for, dry your eyes and fight!

+20 torches does and has made a difference, though. 

After the 1st war season, it will sort itself out, and a team that scored +20 torches would prob have scored a lot of torches anyway in their respective league, especially a team low down with that much activity. As for league of Titans there a big range in torches where +20 looks like a drop in the ocean. I think it’s impractical to go through every alliance with a fine tooth comb, subtracting or adding a few torches here and there. Waste of time and resources on the part of the Devs, They have bigger fish to fry, and the sooner they get going on the real issue (you know what that is @dumpster) the better.

Having teams ranked a whole league too high for at least 6 weeks, with no way to drop down in between, is miserable. And it was completely avoidable, because torches shouldn’t be the basis for matchmaking or seeding. But we’ve only been saying this for, oh, a year and a half.

I’m glad you don’t think you were affected by this, but hundreds of players were.

AND ON TOP OF IT ALL, this kinda underlines how weird and foolish this bonus torch system is. I kinda know what it’s supposed to do, but it’s not going to do that.

Given you believe this to be the case, maybe the task of going through c750 individual wars and adding and subtracting a few torches here and there should be given to the left handed chicken, after all I prefer the more important gaming issues to be taken care of sooner rather than later. 

Mistakes happen, get over it.

Yeah, mistakes happen. The mistake is using torches to rank teams. See what I’m saying. You don’t have to add or subtract any torches then.

Even using trophies would give a more accurate result this week, and I think that’s flawed too. But it’s LESS flawed than using torches, particularly after they botched things last war.

And it’s easy to say mistakes happen, get over it when you’re not affected by the mistake.

Agree there were better ways to seed the alliances as you stated last week - alliance size/average trophies per player/torches/average asc lvl of player. All these factors should’ve been considered in an idea world. 

But I think the issue above with players saying they’l be out of their depth in a higher league - I can only see that applying to titan league, as there’s 4-6 alliances that are a lot stronger than the other 6, so the issue is the clubbing together of ultra strong players, but that happens in most games, just here there’s a lack of them, if there were another 300 very good players would most likely fill the rest of the titan league alliances. Player shortage the issue I think. The lower leagues activity is by far the most important factor as there’s beatable players all over the place. I know I fight there every week!

It is yes, we were affected by bugs which lost us torches/gold, and furys = titan chests.  But there’s far bigger issues here - as I posted above this really only affects Titan league IMO. Those alliances that will find it hard this war season are just getting a preview of what would happen anyway when they get promoted. There’s only half a dozen ultra strong alliances the other half are very strong, but not up to the others very high standards.

Again, because the problem doesn’t apply to you, you think there’s no problem. Cool!

Matchmaking was the #1 most important issue with the old war system, it was the #1 thing people complained about, and it seems to have been largely ignored. Maybe completely ignored.

The fundamental problem is there’s a handful of top alliances, so even if alliance x wasn’t present in #12, alliance y would be there instead experiencing the same thing. The only way around that is creating a league of maybe 6 alliances at the very top… or having each alliance with a number of ascension lvl allocations… Like 10 spaces for lvl130+ 10 spaces for lvl 120 + etc.

The 13th ranked (war eligible) team has some extremely high ranked players in it. The average ascension level is much higher. The 15th ranked team is quite good. I believe the 14th ranked team was also gifted a bunch of torches last week, pushing them up too high.

So we don’t have to talk about what-ifs. This isn’t a hypothetical situation any more.

But yeah, you’re talking about parity issues similar to what was discussed on the forums during the 4.0 planning stages. I recommended a salary cap and weight classes for the various leagues that would prevent an underpowered alliance from moving up to a league they weren’t equipped to compete in.

Yeah but even those alliances have about 400k trophies, the top 6 have minimum high 600k. There’s a big difference, they would get blown away in Titans league. That’s what I’m saying, there’s going to be several teams in a permanent ‘yoyo’ state, getting promoted 6 weeks later then relegated. The torch mess up affected this slightly in that ok this time #13 won’t get spanked, but in 6 weeks time they will, and the other team that got promoted in their stead will get a 'breather ’ in 6 weeks time. The only comfort for them is they get +1500 every 12 weeks!