Technical Question

I have been playing RR2 on my windows phone until today. I broke the screen and it has been rendered useless.


I have now bought a new phone, but it is running Android platform.


So my first question is this: Will I still be able to play with my old alliance/friends on my new phone (android)


And 2: Will flaregames be able to restore my lost account from my windows phone over to my new android?



yes go to the support page and make a ticket with them and give them all the information possible as they take long enough with all the info you dont want to wait longer becuase you didnt have some information. for more details about it id check in the bug report section where there is literally atleast 15 topics about just this

this gentleman is a part of my alliance. I have pm’d him the link for the support page :slight_smile:


regardless of your old account being retrieved though, your always welcome in the alliance :stuck_out_tongue: