Tell me next event now

Or I angry

I hope next event would offer 20% discount on alliance tower upgrade. Btw as per o’pelle’s post event might be postpone for the oncoming update.

We had 20% discounts on AT very recently doubt it comes again so soon

I wish they could tell the event at least 3 days before knowing that most upgrades last also 1 week =/

Don’t you get the information about events before the rest of the us?

Lol no, i’m in the same position like you guys, they don’t like tell things neither if i push.

Yes totally agree… best would be earlier notification and duration.


But just one of those would be great… if they told us earlier we could get max out of the event even if it only lasts a few days or it last long so even if we had that building or whatever upgrading we would be able to do it a couple of times

IMO oncoming events (if there is any) should be notified soon after the current war seasons end, that way we will get to know what to upgrade and what to free before the event begins :slight_smile:

I would like an event for waves as they are very costly and take forever to upgrade :slight_smile:

The sequence last fall was:


Defense boost

Alliance party

Crazy Granny days

Offense boost


So alliance party is probably the next one?!

You didn’t mentioned the holiday event and two blacksmith events which occurred

You can check this link to know all the passed event:  :slight_smile:

Alliance Tower cheaper gem cost was included in the castle boost event 

So the next event will be probably the spells an troops 20% cheaper or crazy granny days for sure ^^

I wish for an alliance party always not mostly for me because i have already my maxed AT, but mainly for my Alliance members.

I wish for a alliance party too

and based on past events we can also predict that the event will run in between 9 to 11 February so we hope for an official announcement on 8’th :slight_smile:

Is it difficult to make a calendar of events?


I mean if the events fall between the season/after the wars, then an event can be informed before the start of the war. At least, we can save our workers for the events. 


A calendar of events (maybe month-wise) could be the right direction.

Doubt you need workers we just had two building events for all buildings in entire Base