Temporary solution for the crash CoF issue

So after a bunch of update patch and FG still can’t fix the crash issue ( Crash before entering CoF ) what do you think about a temporary solution for it ? 

I suggest you should allow players who “didn’t” open any chest in CoF after winning a battle ( by crashing or turning the game off by mistake ) can enter the CoF back when they log in again ( during the online session still ) 

CoF is going to be important not just in wars anymore, now Ninja events also use it for taking advances of the win. So please consider about the solution. Thanks for checking.



I didn’t know that was still an issue. I’ve been playing on a windows phone and surface and I didn’t get any issues for the past two month. Is it on the desktop version ?

Windows desktop also windows phone and android for a several devices 

Agreed. If this is a bug that FG can’t solve perfect, FG should change the way to open CoF for players, esp Windows players. 

I’m on PC and don’t have such issue, didn’t know some of you are still struggling with it. Good luck!

yes, crash come back :((((

It doesn’t come back lol. It still stays there, and never was fixed so far