Terrain options

This is a silly idea, but I figured it’d spice things up and keep players on their toes~

  1. River. Only living things can swim across rivers. Cannons and mortars must go the long way, whatever may wait for them~ Paladins, too… Their armor is too heavy, they can’t swim. Units will cross the river naturally unless the king screams them towards the other path.

  2. Ledge. A ledge is kinda like the ledges in Pokemon. You can jump down, but you can’t jump up.

  3. Laser beam. All units are allowed to pass through it if your king commands them to, but every unit that passes through it, incurs damage (including the defending units).

Now, how should these be paid for? Should there be a new allowance for them, or should they be taken out of something already existing? I think they should be taken out of something already existing. Keep in mind, these would give a huge advantage to the defender otherwise! Imagine starting a raid, and instead of being met with 3 monsters, you’re met with 6. Not fun for the attacker. So it’s needs to be taken out of something else in order to keep it from being OP.

But then /that/ raises the question of, what do we take it out of? I would suggest taking it out of the Tile Amount. It’s terrain, so it only makes sense for it to come out of the terrain allowance. Also, shorter path = less waves, which might help balance it out.

Not an idea I necessarily feel the need for, but it would certainly add a new element to the strategy. Like, seriously, this is at the middle of my List of Priorities, at best.

About river i was thinking why there aren’t rivers in the castle king world, how bread can be made if there isn’t water ? I think add a river that cut our path randomly on each king world path can create various type of base design, using our “personal river”

The thing I don’t like about having set rivers is that it puts some kings at a major advantage and others at a major disadvantage. Although, I suppose Ruins kinda do the same thing…

Ruins can be removed and then there isn’t advantage or disadvantage, but river is like also a trap because it can slow down enemies when they have to pass it.

If you don’t like this, you can always set a default river for everyone that cut the map and you have also some entertainment


Froster + Pyromancer are the water source of the kingdom, but they don’t have time to create a river because they’re part of the King’s army  :wink:

  1. The river idea is very interesting, maybe it just needs more development.


  1. The ledge would be funny to see, it would have a very strategical use, for putting one the user could use two tiles.


  1. I didn’t understand the laser’s suggestion…



The “shorter path = less waves” idea is not necessary, the waves will take the same time to spawn. Also, the river for decoration in your kingdom would be awesome :3… And I think some Moral Points could be used to position any of your suggestions.


I liked your ideas.