Test Defence Before

<p> To be able to test defence before attacking by wasting bread will help us come up with better strategy for the raid… It is limited to friends in circle and alliance members. Make it available before every raid… It will be a great help in completing dungeons and against higher level player for the lower level player specially in the league. It can also encourage the players to victory against a higher level players. </p>

I don’t really agree here. Practicing before raiding would kill the risk taking part of this game. 

I agree.  Fun to have that element of risk.   Also during war,. U already have ability to test a base without loosing one of ur 10 fights.   At the least,. Some risk of loosing bread needs to be there.


Should bread cost be lower.  That is a totally different, valid topic 

why don’t you just ask flare for a button that will cost you 200 gems to automatically win any base and get 100 skulls in cof (or get all the 3 prizes outside war) ?

what do you mean by that? you mean dumping inside war? you call it a test?  :rolleyes:

I mean,. In a war, we have 10 fights allowed for eg.  Some times u loose a fight and one out of your valuable 10 fights is wasted.   But u can still test the base by clicking on the exclamation mark next to the name and do a regular fight and test your self.  U do loose bread, but not lost one out of 10 fights.   This is useful only if u fight all 10 usually 

No way I never see a game that allow someone to test a base before attack that gonna make the raid so easy but if you said if you can scout a person like Dawn of Steel ah yes its a good idea. Scout allow to see the base and make a strategy to defeat him when you are sure to be ready you attack him and bingo you win! 


No need to scout, you can already view what units and defense the opponent uses ordered by strength.

See what he use in defense in just a little screen with little point is one thing and see his entire base is another thing. You must play Dawn of Steel,Cloud Raider or others game like this to understand my point fo view sorry!

We called that kind of raid as normal raid  :wink:  and my unique reply to the TS above was because what the TS is asking “To be able to test defence before attacking by wasting bread will help us come up with better strategy for the raid” is already there… maybe he was playing rr1 or something else… ^_^

Lol.   Yes.  Normal raid vs war raid.  I made it more complex.  Lol

But this will remove the surprise element of a base.

bases mostly rely on having surprises to kill the King or delay him. By taking out that element we will increase monotonous wins, which is not good for anyone.

of course, once you lose to a King, you can note his name and keep on attacking him till you win, if you are so determined to beat him or just move on.


Yeah, a feature like this is pointless as it would make useless some stuff in the game.