Test my base: Isa Al



Anyone willing to test my base? I am recently started upgrading to boosted barricades but need some advice from you on the weak points that I should improve as I saw some topics in the forum asking for defense test so wanted to give it a try :wink:


My in game name is Isa Al



If you have boost archer, don’t use gargoyle. They are

1 Same range

2 Similar damage

3 gargoyle die after 1 shot, but archer could fire more than 1 shot

4 archer has more hp

5 archer only cost 2 morale point

*boost archer has both piercing and blunt damage, Gargoyle has blunt damage only. Gargoyle could be better in same situation, but I don’t know yet.

Upgrade tough barricade will be my first priority if it is my base. I mean all my workers only works on barricade before all others things.

I agree with straw on the archer part 


I cannot test your base even if I wanted too , you offer 0 trophy and will cost me to lose trophies if I missed the two tower beside your gate.I see you’re in VL too , they have many good player that can help with base design and wave composition.They can also test your base w/o any risk.

Will try to fix these things. Thanks for ur help :wink: