Test my base: SPARTECUS the Great

Weaknes spot is that my waves still not max… :slightly_frowning_face:

Sejuro and Verkilone do 100% scrulls free eazy my base…

I will need a few scrolls on your boosted base but will try it haha  :wink:

Michael my friend, sure i need gems for upgrade my poor eazy waves…

Fii i saw u attack, what say u?

Fii nami, i test your base, did 98% scrulls free, sry was too eazy, but thx for the 900k that you gave me. :slight_smile:

My tip, remove mummy in defence!!! They are weak after update.

my towers aren’t maxed spartecus , I myself can 100% it easily.Without elite boost , mummy is the best option.I will get wolf later when I have boost spartecus.Your base was tough for me mainly cuz of the barricade , it was easy for high leadership king I guess cuz the towers are compact and become easy for storm cannon.I think my best try was 100% with a couple time wrap and blessing ? Was still a bad raid actually , I don’t have much leadership.I will visit again later though.


Michael your base would be hell , it would make me look like a rich scroller lol I would need a lot of time wrap and arma just like when I tested masterE’s base , but I will try it


My king isn’t very strong and have little fire shield and poison shield.I think with better gears (granny refuse to offer me) I can do better raids in top 100 bases but top 10 will always be hell especially SK’s base


Also , good luck with the king level upgrade michael , 55k gems would give you another mini action figure maybe ? 

Rich King Fii… :grinning:

thanks for visit and feedback Fii Nami.

the snakes are not there for killing the king, only for stealing time from attacker.

a pity i can´t see your attack because there are to many of them at my base (over 500, sometimes more per day).

Please test my base, some people use one Timewarp can beat it. Weak base :confused:


IGN :shyong


p.s : i need some gem to speed up wave only 3k gem