Test my defense- Breath of Trogdor

Would any of you Royal Revolt veterans be willing to test my defense and provide some feedback. I am still relatively new to this game, my king just hit level 75.

Kings name: Breath of Trogdor

Thank you,


Question : Why you still have gargoyle tower and frost tower ?


Your base is tough though , can’t take the gate down in first 2 tries.But your snake tower are not doing any damage to my hero , I can avoid all of them easily.The frost trap is a good disctraction and your poison arrow never fails to kill my poor hero.


I’m not sure if the base would be as difficult without raging wolf and tough barricade but with the boost its very good considering you have frost tower and gargoyle tower in the base.However the base is not suitable for snake tower in my opinion.Also , having a tower near the castle gate would be a good distraction especially firebolt tower.


I didn’t notice your wave points but I’m sure its all above 30 morale maybe even all maxed out but having more raging werewolf would be good if you can fit them in the waves.They do great job pinning the troops and king at the tent when in numbers.I’m pretty sure you don’t have many raging wolf in the first 4 waves since I can reach your across path tower pretty fast with more than 70% HP left.Took me 40 seconds to escape raging wolf at other boosted bases hahaha.


A better king can give a better feedback I’m sure , I’m not very good myself  :wink:

I’d rather not trogdor

Thank you Fii Nami, I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. I am changing out some towers to get rid of the snakes and gargoyle… Although I am starting new towers from scratch, so it will be a while before they are effective. Most of my waves only have 24 morale points, but I am slowly upgrading… I will add more Wolves as soon as I can! :slight_smile:

Thank you again,


wheres my thanks? anyway youre welcome.

In general the gargoyle and frost tower are useless at higher levels. :stuck_out_tongue:

Level 75 is quite a high king IMO. Most “veterans” are only in the 80’s

hank you again, EVERYONE, for the feedback, I am switching some things around in light of this advice… I guess I am getting close to veteran status! :slight_smile:

youre welcome… I was a big help wasn’t I( just taking everyones credit hehehehe)

It’s the though that counts right, Atlas1000!





Your base is a hell. I tried it before, and i died instantly.  hahaha. and I guess I am such a careless terrible player.

You did a good job for staying in top 100-200 level.

Your base belongs to “hall of fame” . Tough bases with low level king.

Haha, thanks AveryCole, I appreaciate it!

Will try now


Did 91% scrulls free on thrid attack after i learn your base. :slight_smile:

Your arrow towers wortles and dont Really do any damage, i would change them to firebolt towrs.

Second, you have too many monsters, after i pass your first 3 waves i just ran to the gate while say hello to your orges on the way…

Hey Spartecus!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my defense! Really, too many monsters… I love those big beefy guys. I’ll try switching up my waves a bit. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to take a look at my arrow towers too… Unfortunately I don’t have anything else leveled up, so Adding more Firebolts will be painful, although I guess It will give me something to shoot for.