Tests: Offense troops vs Defense same troops

After reading Captain Morgan comments on another thread about how to counter medusas with medusas, I got curious and did a few tests on my own base (no hero, no tower, no spell):

  • 2 medusas vs 2 medusas: they deal poison damage, have 50% resistance to poison

=> offense won 5/5, 4/5 2 medusas left, 1/5 1 medusa left

  • 6 blessed warriors vs 6 blessed warriors: they deal physical damage and have 30% resistance to physical

=> offense won 5/5, 3 or 4 warriors left

  • 8 spearmen vs 8 spearmen: they deal physical damage and have 19% resistance to physical

=> offense won 5/5, all with 4 spearmen left


How come?

Shouldn’t it be a close tie at all tests, since they have the same HP, damage, damage type and resistance…

Is there a constant “offense” troop bonus? On what stat(s) are these bonuses?

Thanks :grinning:


Defending troops actually have a bit less HP than attacking troops. That’s why they die faster.

The reason for this is basically that battles are asymmetrical. It’s not simply troops vs. troops, but instead your Hero and troops are fighting against the enemy troops as well as their barricades and towers. Your troops take a considerable amount of damage from towers and also have to attack more potential targets one after another (whereas the enemy troops only fight against your troops and the Hero). That’s why your attacking troops must survive longer. If the defending troops had exactly the same amount of HP they would have an unfair advantage. With defending troops being a bit weaker we were able to make the towers as strong as they now are. We want towers to be a very important part of the defense and that’s how we achieved this.

Another reason is that if you upgrade your Guard of Thanatos and its defense waves regularly, there can be a bit more morale available for defense than a Hero can regenerate. This means that defense waves can potentially consist of more units than you can spawn at the same time. Of course this also depends on how much leadership your Hero has.

A positive side effect of this is that battles are more crowded, there is more going on on the screen and you as the player feel more powerful when ploughing through your enemies. :grinning:  

Strong work collecting the data. I love objective data.

Thanks Chris for the answer.

I understand the necessity to balance the attack/defense.

Can I ask what exactly is different? Is that only a percentage reduction of HP? Or does that affect also hitpoints and/or resistance?

It’s basically a percentage of HP with some minor tweaks here and there. I won’t give exact numbers because there are exceptions to the rule and the numbers might change sooner or later.

Seems a bit unfair, some units are nerfed a lot, I can clearly see that Cyclops suck when defending. It makes developing Guard of Tanantos and units combination rather pointless, buffed clone warriors will do better job in 99% of all cases.