ThaBoss Frosta?

After last season’s Uber Lightning Tower, we were hoping flare would make the special season boosts more balanced.

Obviously they haven’t heard this, because the next thing we know, ThaBoss Froster comes up!

8.5-9.0 range, bigger and more powerful – frosters themselves were powerful enough, and then you come up with the OP froster? How are people going to defeat these things from miles away? Are you expecting us to forge swordrain billions of times until you get the range to 8.5 to kill them?

Worse still, in this season dragofrosters were 3rd placed, which means just under 50% of members will have them. Combined with OP froster, you’ll be in for a deep freeze, I can tell you that. Just even more OP.

Moreover, you have nimble mummies with ThaBoss Frosters. And guess what, Surprise Mummies were 2nd in the last war. You’re basically going to let those who have done well in the last war season have the time of their lives, whilst those who haven’t can’t even get past the first percent is bases.

I’m not just protesting because my alliance haven’t succeeded in the previous war, which might seem the case. I’m just sure nobody appreciates Flare Games’s pay2win system. How are you going to get past these bases, flare thinks. Oh, just let them use scrolls. More Wonga for us.

I bet you that they’ve planned this from the very start. It’s ridiculous. Just another gimmick to make greedy Flare money. Hooray.

Sorry, Uber Lightning Tower was actually a couple of seasons ago. But that makes no difference.

Perhaps I’m just speculating, that ThaBoss Frosta will just be rubbish will +10% extra range. But looking at the video, I doubt it.

I feel the range will be 20%-25% more looking at the video. Yes, it is a bit unfair to keep the boost same as last season’s rewards & that to 2. Anyway, froster was losing power as a raiding unit so this boost will make them popular in the next season. I guess it also has a higher damage, attack rate & health. More powerful than a farflame mage.

Flare still has a chance to fix it as they did last time. This way they only enforce last was seasons winners, the others can better go on holiday this way,

Greedy flare…cant help it out…are the boosts for only winners of the last season.then what about the remaining 50% of the playrs.u think we should keep on using scrols and keep on buying gems ?

Yea they can still have much time to change like they did last time