I am here to say my final good bye to royal revolt 2.but before that I thought it is my responsibility to thanks flare for everything. :slight_smile:

So thank you flare for creating such an awesome game.

Good bye Rock, sad to see you go !

Best of luck, will miss your posts :slight_smile:

Sux to see u go rock, live long and prosper(lol)

Rock619, a moment before you go…


Please look into this proposal: Genie and Master Alliance offers the perfect environment for ex-leaders who wish to retire, relax and have fun as casual players.

No stress. Only friends around and a wonderful environment on the chat.

Think you will even find here some of your old friends.


Genie and Master’s leader is Dena4 , the “biggest heart” person in this whole game and a great friend.


I did it myself, after retiring from Marsupia Leadership and searching to relax somewhere. From now on - fun only.


So, before you go inactive, please come just to visit us.





You’ll be missed for sure Rock. :slight_smile:

Think the reason is obvious - This game became eventually, too Over-Time consuming. Sad to see players leave.