Thank You Event!!

Flare has indicated that the next event might be a thank you event for crossing 700k likes. The last event was a bit unique and the next might be too :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be for sure 7x7000 gems ^^

What was the last event like that ? 

Must have been before my time

I would more satisfied if everyone of us get 700 gems + 700 pearls + 700k gold :wink:

I wish flare would read this and really implement it :v

extra 7% off on upgrade cost? I mean like 27% off on building and alliance tower. Or they could make the prices 70% of total price which means 30% off this time :slight_smile:

The CEO will out on the streets…lol 

But yes, would be nice to have good gems or at least 1 free worker for all.



Yes! Would kill for another worker for free  :lol: