Thank You Flare :) for this gift

This year the rewards is huge. So thank you Flare. This will help us to improve stuffs in the game. Probably over 1000 gems in all this maybe 2000.

I have no clue why no one have Thanks Flare during this Christmas. Appently just me and its sad. They have do a really huge job this year. After open all holidays chests and all chest. All the Pro crystal and Pro items I get, plus all the the guardians. I have them all and close all level 3 and 4. All the pearls and many more. The Festival. i have upgraded twice my alliance tower. 

So a big huge thanks to Flare from my heart and Happy Christmas and I hope you a big huge year 2019 in advance. if you keep doing this everyone will love RR2 again. You take care of us now and you have finally understand give huge compensation when a problem happen or give us huge gift in the game.


Yeah, I got a TON of good stuff from this. Including my first new Omega chestplate.