Thank You Flare Games Its Game Over for Us

<p> Thank You </p> <p> FlareGames a big thank you from me. </p> <p> My IGN: Key-Men (a windows user) </p> <p> From the very beginning I was struggling to maintain a good position in this game. By with the every update you provide has created a great difference with the other OS. </p> <p> You made us compulsory update, bt there's no improvement yet. I don't know why do we need to even update if there's not going have a good result. Bt some update like 1.9.1, 2.0 & 2.2 have some changes… Yet it created more gaps… Now it's all pay to win situation… All my hard works were in vain… </p> <p> Thank You once again for letting windows users down in India. </p>

Flare has made enough cash to sleep over this nonsense. If you leave they won’t care. They have a set of paid players that keeps on putting the oil in the lamp. We can only be passive players. 

We at our alliance decided not to be a part of the scam by FG, and keep our family life first. We play for fun, and let it be that.

according to you I better quit this game then complaining.


It’s not about quitting, it’s about staying and pestering FG with their shortcomings. Like I said, they won’t care if you or me or in that case anybody leaves.

I really don’t care what’s going on with flaregames. But the demands made must be fulfilled. We have wasted our valuable time in developing our hero… So our wasted time must be valued… But I don’t get it, as for why flaregames is so underdeveloped in windows platform… All they do is blame the platform… And when we have finally got the opportunity, now they have started blaming vungle… Stop it right there flare… Do some serious work on it… Don’t come up with new reasons to explain like the politicians… I’m nt a engineer but I do know that Hackers exists… Why don’t you confront them about windows platform… They know it more than you… This is too much…

IGN: Key-Men ( a Windows user)

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the “no video offer” situation is something Flare is happy with. I mean, it’s not like they are making money out of videos, right ? The problem is that you still don’t want to see the mechanics behind a third party app like Vungle. The bigger the windows store will get, the better the video offers will be. Other apps will adopt Vungle and the advertisers will see a potential in Vungle.

Flare blamed the platform because they were no third app available on this particular platform. None, Zero. 

I believe they make money when somebody watch an ad. It’s like pay per view kinda formula. 

I may be wrong, but I think it goes like this. Either they have signed a contract with Vungle and others, or it might be on a sharing basis.



KeyMen, don’t you just give up. Many free windows player here just like you. The discrimination of windows players only makes us fight harder for everything. This will make you much better skilled player than those who get all easy. Just be patient.

Yeah, Flare do receive a revenue from those videos. So it’s in their interest that everyone access these videos. 

To put it simple. Vungle sign deals with advertisers and receive $$$. Then, they share a part of this $$$ with game developers when a video is played. 

Advertisers pays for their ads to be played in specific regions. Sometimes, some regions doesn’t have any ads available. 

Thnx Buddy… U r good…

Bt… R u a windows player?

Oh yes… A totally free windows player. Level 99 now. Everything I’ve got and achieved was the hard way. Not even one free video. :slight_smile:

Come to visit us in Genie & Master alliance. We help our members grow strong. We have some players from India as well.

This is just a game dude do not take it seriously,who care if u want to leave ? Thay do not care player like u is not important just make them feel anoying,so i sugest u to buy another device better one cheers


Then send me some money as a gift from you,

IGN: Key-Men (a windows user)