Thank you flare with gems

Super thank you for fantastic events :slight_smile:

I make 40k+ pearls and now dancing!!


Happy day me super friends! 

max-max smith 72 pearls / hour

*3 boost *2 event = 432 / hour

2 days - max 432*48h = ~20k


lol dreamer

I made about 25k gems since you can start melting the evening before the event.

8 items x 500-750gems ea = +/- 5k

Yes, events ( the one that Aether does) is a great way of moving ahead with the game. 

Pearls have brought a new dimension to the game.

Only wish the gems distribution is more frequent  :grinning:  . But does not happen as we wish, right!

Why dream when I can gem?

With 8s melt time per pearl it only costs about 30 gems to force melt 500-600 pearls. 


I “only” got about 3k+ pearls more than i would have gotten without the event. But for me it’s very nice :wink:

Now i’m thinking about getting the 6. slot or the 750k alliance tower next. 3750 to 4800 gems. Hmmmm …


Sandra !?

I agree with Macamus here. We gotta be thankful for events.

Why Macamus cannot create a topic with clear title? The title said Gems but people here talk about Pearl? You thank flare for the 500 gems contest in Forum Event or for the 20k and more pearls you have during Blacksmith Event?

Haha you again… 

The topic has nothing to do with what I earned lol… hello? 

Flaregames / flare with gems… the topic is a thank you to the company.  The fact that you don’t even understand this greatly underlines why you can’t be a moderator. 

In the topic headline I say thank you  and in the actual post I say what I’m thankful for… *sigh* 

If I won gems in a event I would have said thank you for the gems… yes? 

Macamus, you got me totally confused… Great humor.
I like it. :slight_smile:

Sorry just if I don’t find it its because for me Games and Gems don’t sound the same at all. You have miss your joke totally. If you want that work next time just do a joke who work

and you have create this topic just after the Forum Event when everyone have won 500 gems and during Blacksmith Events

Your title must significs a lot of thing. The way the people interpret your title can be large, no one can interpret the same thing. If for you the joke its write in big and easy to find can be impossible for the others. 

If you write I don’t know :  ‘‘what happen with Flare and Gems’’ and you talk about what going on with Flaregames and you talk other stuffs. Someone can come and read ??? what ??? a title like this for me means you have a problem with Flare and to obtain Gems in the game

For me keep your joke inside the topic but not in the title. If you want to thank you Flare then write a title : Thanks you Flaregames’’ that’s all

You are on a forum the title must be clear the most possible for everyone stop think about yourself and think about the others. I understand you have try to make a joke but still you are on a forum. Next time try to create a title who everyone can understand what the topic talk about just with the title give a huge ideal. 

I think you don’t realize without doubt you can stop someone to search for a answer if your title don’t fit with what he looking for. I means if you write a title like : ‘‘I hate blacki event’’ and in the topic you talk about pearl melting or other stuff that don’t have connection with Blacksmith event.Someone can come and think you talk about Blacksmith event and don’t realize the answer he looking its inside the topic.