Thank You Flare

Thank you for compensating gold to alliances, and thank you for the Conquest chests. Thanks for the explanation of upcoming events, as well! I can’t wait to see what the special event is next week!!

Yes, thanks (festival for the surprise?)


Hopefully, we need a festival for gold and just an overall new look!

Thank you for leaving us without ninjas for more than 1 month and the relative easy gems, pearls and chests…

I think they finaly realized that with ninja every 2 weeks many don’t need to spend a single cent in RR2.

…I am complaining a lot but geez…they help me in doing it…

Ah, give them time to put those conquest boosts into those islands. And to make it worse, combine all possible boosts (pro and seasonal plus now conquest) boosts to make it hard to get first place. Then we start to fail just like now on island 5 out of 30, since we get almost impossible to destroy gate towers.

…with nerfed hammer strike! Horray!

Maybe it will be a Uber Granny Howl Collector event. 

Uber granny growl*

I will be grateful if that event is “Gems Hunting” because flare has been drain my gems recently with disappointment result.

I hope for a community week, starting with blacksmith. And now a joke, boost your defense included???.

So more forged, stronger defense??

I’ve been waiting for Blacksmith event for some weeks…

So it better be an Uber Phoebe collector Blacksmith event  :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I mean, I’m a free player and I’ve been earning gems just fine so far. Just participate in Gem Leagues and it isn’t really that hard 

I’m a free player too. A 4k trophies, 5 star, 1.5k donation, 8 slots BS, and level 6 conquest buildings that live in a small alliance (level 31). Despite I can get like over 4k gems per month, I won’t say it’s easy to get those gems. Only work hard one can achieve it. With recent conquest, I just spent over 5k gems but the rewards really so bad, not really worth for my spending. They promised something improvement and new event(?) in near future. However, I won’t hope that high anymore. Only event regarding gems hunting that will make me happy ?.