Thank You FlareGames :)

Hi All,

I haven’t shared anything Good about flare lately(I mean every time it was complaints…), but here is a Good one that I cannot “not” say  :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, fg finally give you 3 stitches for your 20 cm bleeding injury… at least it’s not salt like what ed always got  :stuck_out_tongue:

Grats, gems stored up in the unclaimed achievements didn’t ever count towards you gems count so you still get those special offers. It allows you to earn some sweet deals for free! You can also save up your dungeon chests too. Some people think it has changed but as far as I can see it has not,  and you just proved that it still works!

Hi… I reach 240 morales in my wave 2 days ago. (Actually its 238, not 240. Not yet collect the wave upgrade lol). 


Yeah! Watch dog time!


I heard that unclaimed reward is already counted as yours. Is it true? Since when? Thats why im not collecting the waves upgrade so i dont have that reward in my quest reward

Hey the Other Ganesh  :slight_smile:

Collect your wave upgrade from castle guard but dont claim the 1000 gems from rewards menu.

Should work, cause i reched level 80 and the 1000 gems were there in rewards menu, but still I got the offer…( I don’t know if its a glitch or not)

All we need is another brave soldier who can test out the theory  :slight_smile:

That brave soldier could be you, if you wanna do it… :wink:

I think it will work. 

Yes BladeStorm, I knew about the dungeon mission gems, but not about the unclaimed rewards.

Lets see what GaneshAdithya Does, then we can start from over there  :grinning:

I do hope the same for GaneshAdithya’s sake

This offer everyone will get it,nothing to be surprised of,try to get the ultimate offer.the packages is +3workers and finish all upgrades.gems packages started at 2k++gems-3k++gems.this package u never get it.need to pay real money

It depends on what gems you have. So, if you strategically don’t think, you have to shell out cash.

I have all the quest gems unclaimed,but when it is short of gems in my completed quest,this package will appear,have u get this package before without using real money to buy it?i bet no one does

I took these offers, while not paying real money: warrior, workers, starter, spell package. I knew about the mechanism from the start (read about it), so i saved every “surprise gem”, that i could (dungeon, vouchers, tapjoy). And i still have “bullets”: 250+1000 in dungeons and 750 in vouchers. So yes, it is possible to get the workers package :grinning:

The packages that u all mention I get before,just this package,I can’t get.+3workers and ongoing upgrade complete.

I have 2800++gems. My gems already prevent me to get the package. Haha





The range where you get the workers package may be small (i got mine at ~700 gems below the offer) and it depends on your current worker count and running upgrades. I saw it at ~2900, too, but took it at ~2180. So it could be, that you are never in that special range and don’t receive the offer. Possible tactic: Spend your gems on alliance tower or the blacksmith slots and slowly rise again, hoping to be in that range at some point …

May be you have to reduce the gems to 1900+ or 1700+ and the you can wait for the Ultimate package(+3 worker, finish all building) that Mogor is talking about