Thank you for finally adding pals to Pro Leagues!

I’ve asked for this for a while now and so have other members. One thing I want to point out is, I think that having the Pro Leagues hold ONLY Pro Pals would be better, as it would give a player some experience with a pal he hasn’t used and let him know how good it is and whether he’ll want to buy it

Still happy that this is gonna be implemented soon, so thank you

We have only 4 pro pal so far so It will lead to repeat of pals every 28 days(or may be before that) 

Who said only pro pals will be there… :lol:all pals will be there one by one randomly

I am predicting the nidhogg pal since it is based highly around black magic.

nobody said that. I just suggested that, cause it fits better, although I like YY’s idea of having nidhogg with this one. Although, pals aren’t in this next PL, I’m just happy that this finally gonna be in the game

All pals should get their chance! There are lots of interesting combinations now, including a heal/shield pal and no spells or troops that heal/shield (that’s one of my load-outs that is really fun and surprisingly effective).

Also, Pal Flute will get to make an appearance.

Yes, this is also an important fact to note

can anyone tell me why new update isn’t showing in windows 8.1



I think its important to have the regular pals as we no longer have the regular festivals that introduced them.

So either you need the regular fests or another mechanism to acquire them.

( and no buying 10,000 pals chests to get one is just ■■■■■■)

I have got many extra pal chests and never received the missing ones form my setup just duplicates)

I replied to mlordpk but forgot to quote 

Then you understood me wrong…I was pointing to AK that if only pro pals will be available then it will lead to repeat of pals every 28 days or even less as we have only four. 


Ok brother my bad  :unsure: