Thank you to the OR team

I’m sorry that this war rollout has been so crappy. We know you guys are trying your hardest to get it right and that it’s just fundamentally freakin’ not easy to do.

We appreciate what you’re doing. 

Even if issues suck, we know that you guys care and do all what you can to fix it, even staying late at work to try to resolve the issues.

Good luck to fix the problems, and hey, get some rest and enjoy the weekend nonetheless. :grinning:

Yup, it’s 10pm over there and our mighty Cyclops and his acolytes are doing overtime. Thanks a lot.

Don’t get discouraged. You will eventually kill all those bugs.

Yup very impressive to see same since 6 PM to 10 PM still at work to fix this. They care of customers and its really appreciated.

Everything will be fine. I’m sure. ?

yeah, cause war is working again!

Thanks for the support and sorry that it has come to this.

I was disconnected continuously for hours and I was a pretty stressed out, and then your last server update stabilized everything.

I was finally able to open my Sea Chests and finish the Odyssey just on time. Phew! ? Thanks!

@CaptainMorgan we all saw you really tried to fix the things all day/night. We are playing OR more than 2 years, so we can live a weekend/couple of weekends without war…Just keep morale high, we all love you and thrust you… 

Hang in there FG team!  We are hanging in on our side too.  We both want the same thing.  A fun game that everyone enjoys

At least we can fill the treasury, and improve our bases…

I’m sending a virtual cheerleader team of medusas to the support team in the Cyklops Lair…??

Developers has no life ?


Come on guys, keep it up! Flaregames number 1!!!


Thanks for the 2250 gems. You know how to compensate well when a bug happen. Really appreciate it. When the next huge bugs happen? I’m kidding