Thank You

I wish to say Thank You for being fair with players over the Ninja Issue, giving all players some rewards.  I also want to Thank You for getting the Movies back, it will help again.least now again we can shorten builds and double rewards.  Too bad we lost all that build time.

 One suggestion, the match ups for metal count is very lopsided.  Now over a hundred clicks to get past 15 metals from low level players,  is not fair for the attackers nor the defenders.  Before the Ninja Attacks, the battles were more evenly matched, I was able to play against higher castles, allowing chance to get 100 metals and more trophies.

Your offensive and defensive power doesn’t seem to be balanced.
From what you describe, your offense is better than your defense.
Because of the defense having the most influence on your trophy
count, you have lower trophies. At this lower level there are lowish
level kings, who give a low amount of medals for you.

Your attack power has the most influence on the medal count you
can get. If the attacked base is too easy given your own spell and
troop levels, then you get the minimum medals (which rise slowly over
time with your king level).

Just use another strategy to get targets with more medals: Have a look
in the member lists of the alliances around yours. There should be higher
level kings, which you can attack for more medals. Don’t use match maker.

You got boost movies BACK with Ninja’s?? That’s when I lost mine, the day Ninja event started and they have not returned yet.