Thanks captain Morgan and flare game's ???

I’m just taking a moment, to thank captain Morgan and flare game’s, ???, just updated the game to the new 3.9 version,love the game, and looking forward to the future, thanks, ?? the rest of you player’s, see you all on the battlefield ?:crossed_swords:???

Personal y,don’t like this upgrade.titan chest by friends too hard to open now.


10 fake accounts are of no use now, ik it hurts :grinning:

My first Cursed Titan Chest was to open 150 Chests in the Vault.  I burned through it in 1 day between Odyssey and running through a few targets on the Map.  I previously couldn’t open any chests because I didn’t make fake accounts and everyone I knew already had their 1 share already used up.  Great improvement for me.