Thanks FG

Thanks for the gems. It’s nice to show you care about the people who play the game after last week. We appreciate it.

Hi Developers, 

Would like to say thank you as well for the fix version 2.9.1 . This version seems stable & no crashes occur so far. 

I had also been compensated with 500gems as well . So far this covers my gems lost during crashes and in some way contra back my lost trophies. 

It means that there is NO trophies compensated back but the total gems amount satisfied me of the total trophies lost. Pls note that i have lost more hundreds of trophies (din have exact count due to lost count). *Note that some those trophies gain also use gems though. Just gotta make do with the contra … 

Appreciate your team effort and hopes you continue to develop  great game for us . Tqvm. 




Your thanks are very appreciated by the team. Sorry you had the problems in the first place.