Thanks for good event :D


Just wanna say im really happy with the event. The things I really enjoy here is the

-2x pearls from smith

-2x XP

-Lower upgrade prices & increased chance at smith!


All in all this makes me save & gain alot of extra pearls for my troop & spell perks :wink:

There has been a good deal of what I believe is thoroughly justified criticism thrown your way but I will say that all of the birthday boosts and events have gone a long way to restoring some of my good will toward the game. Bravo!

It is a good event!

I like the fact we have higher chance to forge troops/spells/towers !

Well I started an upgrade of the blacksmith about 3 days ago and bought a small gem package about 4 hours before event started so I am missing out  on some pearls. :slightly_frowning_face:

At least this event has benefits for everyone no matter what level your king is. :slight_smile:

it mean you need 50% less items to melt

it does not mean you got more pearls per hour


Are you sure about lower prices for spells and troops???