Thanks from Les Français

It’ s nothing to do , I know , but it’s good to see solidarity of everyone in RR2.

I want to say thanks to everyone for your prayers and solidarity.

Personally I live in the South of France but some from my alliance had family and friends in Paris near and in the places where attacks took places.

No deads we know for the moment but minor injuries…and some friends with no news since the attack in the concert Place ‘‘Le Bataclan’’.

128 deads in Paris for the moment but it gonna increase with wounded peoples…


Today , I’m angry .Today I’m sad .Today I’m determinate .Fool and crazy people .

Ignorance  is death and these fanatics are maintained in imbecility to serve the purpose of  dehumanized religious crazy leaders.

We and our children will have to fight this scourge , which wants to destroy our civilization and I wish we will put as much energy into it as  to play these futile games.

Fight is not only to take weapons . It can be to teach love, tolerance to any people with closed ideas and those who believe hold the truth…Thank you again for the black flag  , for your support.


Dave le Grand

From ‘’ Les Français ‘’

Very well said Dave, and thanks indeed to all alliances who showed us compassion. It warms our hearts…

A good community we have here :slight_smile:

l am very sad and very touched .


       preserve our planet…cultivate peace.NO to terrorism !!!