ThankYou Flare. Top notch customer support

I know many reading that title are probably thinking sarcasm and another rant from a disgruntled customer, but it’s actually legit.


5 minutes.


That is how long it took Flare to respond to my support ticket. Due to the the downtime for windows over the weekend, I figured it couldn’t hurt to actually give it a try and send a ticket for the lost gems due to a 3 day gold shield wasted over the weekend. I sent the ticket, made sure all the information was correct, and immediately went to raid a poor sod off my favorites list to blow some steam. After the battle was over, I instantly get a message “Congratulations! Here are your 200 gems!”. It couldn’t have been 5 minutes since I clicked ‘submit’ for that ticket. Quality of customer support notwithstanding, I don’t even know how it was possible to receive and read my ticket in that amount of time, much less actually compensate the actual gems. Here is the link to the announcement of promised compensation.


Also, on another note I posted in their earlier (currently locked) topic about lessened achievement rewards. I got the promised gems in less than a day for that one as well. 100% compensation.


I do not post this to brag, puff up Flare, or even discount the many instances of poor customer support I have heard about. I merely wish to share my (albeit anecdotal) experience with top notch customer support, and convey my thanks to their support staff for the work they do. I doubt any of them will actually get the chance to read this, but I’d like to thank them nonetheless. Although I do not agree with all the changes they make (such as reduced achievement rewards…) the fact of the matter is that for a smaller game that is designed for phones and tablets, their support is actually quite decent. How long do fixes and patches for things like Skyrim or other big name games take, weeks? I bought Dragon Age Inquisition the other day, and it is still having crashing issues on a state of the art laptop. The fact that Flare fixed bugged versions of the game within business days of the flawed release is not too shabby.


Anyways, my advice is this: Regardless of your past experiences with their customer support, if you experienced any grievances due to faulty game-play recently, please use the proper channels and submit an official ticket. Make sure all your information is correct. At the very least, I can promise you they are fully staffed and ready to answer your claim as of 10 minutes ago. :sunglasses:


Much Obliged, and Merry Christmas!



I often play this game during 10 hour long poker tournaments 2 pass the time.

As a result, i was flagged at a bot and my account was locked down! lolz


Robotron hucksta!


After contacting support they fixed me right up and sent me on my way.


i vote Flare support rules!

lucky you guys ^_^

That’s really weird and seems like really random. My wife opened a support ticket 2 weeks ago. And there was no response at all. I mean even if something would be missing or unclear they could at least come back with clarification question. Instead it seems like they do a daily lottery, some win and get their support, others simply lost the lottery - no Support…

I think it may depend what you are asking about…

Well, she was not asking about her book order at Amazon. To me no answer is not a professional behaviour even if Support may think ist the “wrong” question

Have to Agree, best coustemer service ever!!