____ that guy for me, will you?

Apparently the level 59 Player X (alliance: Y) decided it would be great sport to trash my level 43 repeatedly.

He is not making any money out of it, but every time takes 8 trophies from me.


Hell, even attacking guys 10 levels above mine the system is not offering me so many trophies, should I win.


So beside the point that it would be great if any of you could teach a small lesson that lower life form, Flaregames are you planning to do something about the reward system?

Seriously, it is taking the fun out of the game; I don’t care to lose trophies when I am being attacked by someone around my level, or when I am attacking and failing, but make it fair.


If I attack a guy 2/3rd of my level (say 30), I get nothing, sounds good to me.

But why should I be game to guys with almost 50% more level than me?


A tired Chaud Derriere ! character.

Everyone has the same experience as you, the level 59 king is probably farmed by level 70 king, the level 70 king is probably farmed by level 90 king. Take it easy


We can all understand. As Strawhat explains, we’ve all been farmed for trophies, medals, gold or just to be “irritated”.  As you know, RR2 is structured as a PvP game, and the incentive Flare puts out there for fighting are those listed.  As such, farming to advance and being farmed as others advance is impossible to avoid.


But, that a player 16 levels above you is farming you for trophies is sad; and you’re right to be frustrated.  There are some imbalances in how trophies are awarded in the game that allow this to happen.  Flare designed the mechanisms that determine trophy, medal and gold awards to weigh each player match-up individually in order to create fair, challenging and adequately rewarding raids.  But, using the ability to target specific players (rather than using the random matchmaker feature) this system can be and is easily manipulated. Unfortunately you’re experiencing that. 


My recommendation: stick with it. This guy is trying to climb the leaderboard by farming an easy base for available trophies.  But if he continues the system will penalize him for “over-grazing” your base, and the trophies he gets will lessen.  Soon, he’ll move on. Meanwhile, continue to strengthen your defense. As soon as he perceives he might not be able to beat your base scroll-free, he’ll quickly find a new target.




Note: I’ve removed the specifics of the player doing this: it’s not appropriate to “put a hit out” on a specific player in the forum. Also, thanks for self-censoring, but please avoid use of profanity in the forums also. 

The game adds extra money for each attackYou can not know how much gold he actually gets :slight_smile: