that perfect swordrain

anyone ever cast “that perfect swordrain” that you see wipes out 3-4 entire waves of defenders


gosh it feels so damn good! :wink:


pretty well know this raid is in the bag after that


if only someone were able to capture a screenshot of such a glorious moment :stuck_out_tongue:

I had just recently learned found out swordrain was good so how powerful is it exactly?

powerful enough to kill a max ogre in one hit


Do you want Swordrain?

I have it But I have to go somewhere. This is a picture of Swordrain.



I show a video after my work.


It kill Ogre, Knight, Archer, Froster, Gargoyle, Cannon, Pyromancer, Arblaster, Mortar in one hit.

killemog show video.

It’s perfect.

You all are right, maxed Swordrain is very powerfull and usefull in non maxed/non elite boost bases.

If you use it you need to change the place with another more usefull spell and there is the problem.


No problem. I hate heal. I use Bladestorm, Sonic Blast and Swordrain. All are max level.

Does max swordrain really kill max ogre in one hit without any help??

Ogre are vulnerable to piercing


Yes, it kills max Ogre. It’s powerful.

im talking more about killing off like a group of knights/mages/archers in the numbers of like 20-30 with just one swordrain cast I normally see it happen in corners where ppl have a very long straight adjacent path if someone could snap a screenshot showing all the swordrain tags it would probly look sweet

well maybe someone should start a youtube series on what spells are good or not(hint hint)


one of my vids i use max swordrain im far from perfect but welcome to check them out

interesting raid u did there haha

theres more if youd want to look around and im sure its better then 99.5% of the community would do lol

Do you have a YouTube account killemog, because that video helped a lot, its a good I listened to what you said about snake towers and 2 ogres, because I just happened to go through the same thing for ogre level 4(I think), and that voice though

if you look its my account that video is on lol and dont mind the voice :slight_smile:

Its an amazing voice(go on x-factor), oh didn’t notice it was on YouTube, my bad:|:/:slight_smile: :grinning: