that Pesky level 70 Dungeon

First I would like to say, I am amazed my castle is still standing as the dungeons go way way underground.

I am currently at Level 91, and I have a 10/10 PRO bonus outfit & pet, but I can only get 2 crowns on this dungeon,

and that is with several resurrections and lots of scroll casting. the 1,000 coupons makes this dungeon one I would like to complete.

There seem to be 99 or 100 dungeons; I have 2 questions:

1.) do more dungeon magically appear when you do them all?

2.) are there player levels which you need to be to pass certain dungeon levels? some games have such things.

as usual any feed back is appreciated, and I am looking forward to finally completing Dungeon 70 for the reward and achievement.

finally got the “Digger” Achievement, had to spend a lot of gems; and change up some spells I use

now I can throw all my coupons on my Throne Room floor and roll around in them :wink:  

  1. No, there are only a specific number of dungeons. The last dungeon gives you lvl 6 wolves. They have not made any announcements to add new dungeons.

  2. No, there are no level requirement. Just like you can attack anyone in the game(except alliance mates and friends of course), you can do any dungeon as long as you have 3 starred the previous ones.

No and no, but i would like to advise that you should do dungeon when you are way way stronger than it to save resources. It will always be there. ? 

I got DIGGER much before you. Level 86, Pro Bonus 4/10 Hehe. Good Luck for future dungeons. They are hard.