That strange and pleasant world of the 'almost-high trophy king'

So, my alliance (the HUNS) has dropped all of its elite boosts but one to help the alliance level up. Everyone dropped 500-1000 trophies. I was used to fighting very high level kings in the 4500+ trophy range.


Now here I am again sub-4000.


What a strange world! Opposing bases aren’t fully stocked and loaded, of course. Elite boosts range from full-on to non-existent. Almost every base has a fatal flaw that can be exploited with a spell or clever maneuvering that you learn fighting in the higher trophy range. It’s not sheer force of resistance vs. your raiding party anymore. 


It’s, strangely, very, very pleasant in these ranks. Yes, you lose every once in a while, but more based on your own mistakes. You can spend much more time walking around, letting your king heal. You can summon troops you haven’t summoned in months, just to see what they’ll do. You can try spell combinations that are fun even if not immediately devastating. You can almost fight elite arbs with any spell combination you like–they’re no longer invincible, and far less frustrating. 


Put it all together and the game is incredibly balanced down in these ranks. No single troop dominates. You can fight at a slower pace and think a lot more about the opposing base rather than just avoiding every last bomb and ogre strike that’s about to level your raiding party. The wars don’t seem to filled with shenanigans: folks just fight. 


It’s so non-neurotic. People don’t complain


It’s so interesting. I kind of wish this kind of gameplay could scale for the highest levels of competition, instead of the mania that surrounds the Top. It’s still challenging; it’s still competitive, but it makes so much more sense. It’s like the game before all the crazy updates foisted on us these past few months. It takes you back to where you had to rely on your wits and foresight rather than getting every last bit of timing correct.


So, who knows what changes Flare will make by the time the HUNS climb back up. But I hope they get back to their roots and make the game as balanced at the top as it is in the middle. The game is simply fun again, reminding me why I started down this long road in the first place.


Wherever you’re ranked, enjoy! All these little bases give us a great puzzle to solve every day.

Thank you Blookie Bloo for this awesome writing…

I think the higher ranks would be a lot more fun if we had more mid level players.

Too become a mid level player quickly is hard and the mistakes people can make on the way, make it too hard for them to find a tough alliance.


I honestly wanted to take HUNS lead and turn off boosts to level up lol.

The only reason I haven’t is I like meeting top alliances in wars and that takes some tough boosts.(and other reasons)


But my hat is off to you for finding people willing to stick around.  That is what makes me forget RR2 is just pixels.

Turning off boosts is the true test of who is there for the comradery!



I hope to see you guys on the battlefield very soon! Get back in full force HUNS!

Now this what I call a post…super like.

Awesome post: I agree with every word, and I think the majority of top-ranked players would, too. Alliance Wars, the logical extension of elite boosts as typified by frost arbs, mercenaries, the way gameplay has careened violently between extremes of defense and offense with bugs littered between: much in the last couple patches has sucked the life - or at least, the fun - from the game.

I have a much lower level alt account on a separate device that I occasionally play that’s part of a smaller, poorer, weaker alliance. Like you, I find a lot there that has somehow been sucked out of play at the highest level. The best way to summarize it? Game mechanics introduced since 1.6 have made the game too.damn.serious: at least, when fully utilized (Maxed alliances, maxed boosts, etc). And all the things I detest that Flare ignores or moves at a glacial pace to address - e.g. stripping/dumping, bugs, imbalances - just aren’t factors. Going down the leaderboard is almost like going back in time!

Anyway, 1.6-1.8 are irrevocable developments - even though it’s all just packaging and repackaging old content in novel ways - but I imagine this is why quite a few players have lower level accounts: they still like to have fun.

Welcome to my trophy range =) Anything after a years worth of playing will get a little stale but the dramatic change you did will help breath new life to the game.

Blookie and Budaskalasz,


Youre doing the right thing. This way you focus on growing your alliance much faster and no cash investments needed.


We have done the same in Marsupia all the time.

The members are much too strong for their trophies levels and many opponents make a mistake, underestimating them, then spending gems.

Having low trophies level, also gets you much higher gold loot from any raid.


But the most important thing here is - Much more fun from the game! I recall that this is what we’re here for from the beginning…


Flaregames will not like this… :slight_smile:





Lol, we should all make a pact not to buy boosts x)

One thing to keep in mind when massively going down in trophies: Of course, you yourself are still high-lvl in base, spell, troop and skill strength, even without the boost. That kinda makes it a bit easier than it would actually be for a kind that is “natively” at that range… 


Nonetheless, I definitely agree, it’s fun to have enjoyable raids, use some good old pyromancers or mortars (or even paladins :lol:



We have done the same some time ago, to prepare for the introduction of alliance wars, and it is a great feeling when you know you can trust your members even without those “shiny” boosts for a while… 

Best of luck, Huns! :slight_smile:


Similar to what blookie said, similarly true… some weeks ago, I had spent two weeks with a smaller (but nonetheless great) alliance, with like 1k trophies lower than usual, and not even half the boosts, and it was more enjoyable than all the high lvl struggling. And in fact, that may have been what kept me from quitting recently… 


Yeah, lower down it’s more fun, more variety, less pressure in every single aspect of the game… I miss the time when I was at 2.5k-3k trophies, before boosts, bugs and gold-acquiring pressure… 


Perhaps that’d be a good idea if it worked out in practice :wink:

Thank you for the advice. I was gearing for the top (making many mistakes and learning from them) and working towards high donations, trophies, and defenses. After seeing this, I will slow my pace and enjoy the level we are at. No reason to rush I to a job that should be a game. Thank you for this solid advice and helping us enjoy the game!

Hi Heroesflorian,


Loyalty test… Yes, this too.

You don’t need mercenaries with you. As soon as they find a better boosted alliance, they will go there. Leaving you with missing members in the middle of the wars season.



I have seen this over and over again. I have a list of names :’(

I have seen this in other’s alliances and in my own.