That's enough. Farewell

I’m done with all the crap called flaregames. They made it, they made it: they ruined the game that should be awesome.

I’m out of the game with my ally. I wanna let here a special goodbye for some friends (maybe not that much friend but…) I’ve made here: Edward, Karman (aka Karmen), oPelle, Phage, Vester, Maerique, Fresh. Sorry if I forgot someone.

Goodluck for those who still insist to be here in this game that is in an imminent degradation.

PS: I discovered a game with the same style, but too much better. Email me if u wanna know

Duuude, who’s gonna make fun of Maerique with me now?  :slightly_frowning_face:

Why don’t you visit us in Genie and Master some time? That won’t fix all the Flares stuff, but at least it worked for me when I was about to leave too. Maybe you’ll find joy in the game again  :slight_smile:

so sad to see you go…i enjoyed reading your posts. ill be emailing you about the new game

i mailed you inquiry about new game you found. please tell me the name so i can also find it.

and dont worry my fellow kings, i’m not going to stop playing rr2, i just need some other game while waiting for my silo to fill up :grinning:

you forgot me…even though I probably didnt talk to you once but I deserve to be your friend dont I? But anyways, It’s sad to see you go since you put so much time and effort in your posts and I must be honest your ideas make you think, thank you, live long and prosper, and please join the dark side…we have cookies!   :wink:

Best to you, iKamael!

Sad to see another nice player leaving the game.


As being the leader of Genie and Master I give you the option to avoid the greediness of Flare by joining our team. We play for fun, enjoy the game and cash-free. In our team members are important and private life always comes first.


A lot of players, including Edward and me also reached the point about half a year ago of quitting the game. We discussed our options and decided to create our current alliance with intention to escape this cash-milking and time consuming madness. We do realise this is a game, not a full time job. We don’t care for war boosts, trophy rank, for us it’s important to enjoy a great game, without the need of being part of the greediness of Flare. We even don’t force any player to improve, only things we ask is do your donations and help the team during war season. Even during war season, we aren’t going to force any player to do 10 raids. And when you can’t play for a while due to private circumstances, that’s accepted, as long as we are informed.


You should see our team, a virtual family, every member is equal and important. We do take care of each other, treat each other with full respect and I can tell you this formula works. As you can read, also Karman and others already in the past reached the point where they decided to quit. We could convince them to visit us first and as you notice, they are still active and even promoting our team. Before you leave, you can at least visit us and experience it by yourself. If you like it, you can join our team. We will respect your decision if you persist to stop playing, but that’s a decision that you later could regret.


I also know that there are similar games on non-Windows platforms, but why search for another game, while you already are playing a great one. Just don’t fall into the money pit traps of flare, don’t use those features. Every player has a free will and that’s what we respect. We are never ever going to force anyone to spend cash on this game.




Jack (Dena4)

I got to the quit stage, then Edward invited me to G&M on a visit without knowing my problem. Then the team just talks to you and that’s all I needed, people that converse between each other. Straight away I had Krman, Endgame, bubba, momo, Dena, Edward, animaljammer, ateam, LS59, rizzero(?) and others all just talking and helping each other. Granted parts of me still want to leave the game due to multiple reasons but I would probably end up getting another app while keeping RR2 so I can keep up with people I’ve met

Sad to hear that you leave…i mean always the good people leave… :unsure:

Hi iKamael,


Sad to hear that and good luck for you!



Best of luck iKamael, you wont be the last one I’m sure, sad to see the game dying the way it is.



Good luck in your new game, When I feel like quitting I just take a few weeks break sometimes longer depending on if there is anything else to play it seems you found something.

so many of us thinking the same, waiting for a push, any way alliances are collapsing and people are getting frustrated