The 5 stages of RR2. From Innocence to Prostitution

The 5 stages of RR2.


On which one are you?  Is there still hope for you?

liked it before I opened the link


lol, if you open the link you’d like it even more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha, Evelthon, Soooo true…


Guess I’m still at stage 1 of innocence…

I’m at bargaining lol

Come on, Evelthon, you started this… Please admit at what stage are you right now?

I’m at innocence, If I was an adult I would be stupid enough to charity…then straight to povery…nvm I’m a kid I wouldn’t go to prostitution…I’ll just steal my parents credit card…

9gaggers knew the content before opening the link :grinning:

maybe when you get to prostitution you’ll get gagged, people have weird fetishes… maybe gonna have to do it 9 times

Haha I’m still at Innocence. To this day I haven’t spent a single cent on in-game items (I am not including purchasing games). The reason is I always like to see how many dollars an hour I am spending - like, I could spend $100 in Asphalt 8 for what would be about 16 hours of playtime. That would be paying $6.25 an hour - only $1 less than minimum wage. Do I really want to pay a GAME minimum wage? Yes I am aware that 20,000 gems is not earn-able in 16 hours. But you get the point, I hope. If you have the time to play the game for hours, do you really want to spend money on something achievable for free?

Im at charity :slightly_frowning_face:


Haha ok Edward, I’m in between stage 2 and 3, and afraid that i will fall into stage 4 one day…

As an_ almost _free player, being in a top level alliance means that I have to be very efficient in the way I spend gems. Usually I succeed in that, but lately some tough war seasons have reduced my balance. 

LOL! :wink:


i’m at stage 4, denial at the moment…

when i run out of gems i will be on stage 5, poverty… :slightly_frowning_face:

Love it Evelthon !

Sigh…I’m at Charity lol :slight_smile:

Im at 1.5

so true

Charity. But not to support the developers, to support myself