The 600 gem daily rune deal beats the 1000 gem package!

Hi everyone

I bought the 1000gem rune package twice, and counted how many gems I got (counting each lv 1 as “1”, each lv 2 as “5” and each lv 3 as 25).

I also bought the normal procession of gems 1.5 million gold, 350 Pearl’s, 100 gems and 500 gems, then you get the free package.

Not even close.

The 1000 gem package give you between 100-125.

While the other group gives you 150 for only 600 gems.

Now I realize that the 1000 gem package gives you higher level runes which means you need less pearls to upgrade… but it’s a 400 gem difference against you, AND just because you are getting higher level runes, there is no guarantee youre getting ones you like/will use.

Also while my sample size is small, one 1000 gem package gave me three lv 3 runes, and the other zero (and zero is a super sucky number).

Since its advertised as a “x3 deal” you should be getting 450ish gems for 600. Now they might be counting the 1.5 million and 350 as significant, but come on, they’re not. Even if they charged 1000 and gave you 450, that would be much better then what you are getting now, and you’re still not guaranteed any level 3 runes.

I’d change it to a hard x10 level 2, and x10 level 3
Or up that random count waaaaay up.