The absurd is noathing

The Absurd is nothing, my dear flare these cunning players should be banned for life from this game, I’m really tired of losing trophies in this way … Open Your eyes flare… More good players leave this beautifull game! Hope u can ban this players for life, seriusly…

part 2

part 3

Mmm in practice you wanna ban all that pass your base lol

You will get me banned too, lol.

This is not the fault of the person raiding you, matchmaker also provides such high rewards. I have also got 40+ trophies from raids due to matchmaker. If that person got 0%, your trophies would have soared by 50-70.

Lol, you dont even have to open your base to lose trophies.

Did you drop trophies recently ? It happens when either you or your opponents recently drop a lot of trophies. When I drop trophies, my mm also offers me +30, +40 trophies but after a cople of days when it adjusts it comes back to normal 8-12. It’s not like everyone who attacks you take some many trophies from you, so everything is ok. You just had bad luck with those to whom you offered so many trophies, probably you or them dropped trophies recently.

The mid 4000’s are very vulnerable to dumping and then stripping.  some people just offer those high range, usually for having decent bases for their trophy range, so when someone drops quickly, they’ll offer a lot. 

But what you’re saying? Do not you see that those two players have lifted 30 trophies to attack me? It is normal for you?

hello Mag, I also know that when it comes down to trophies quickly (in this case my opponent) you get very high rewards with regard to trophies, but it seems really exaggerated losing 30/46 trophies in an attack … also it happens me too wrapped find big booty, but never for two consecutive times … This is a scandal!


It happens, you will get used to it. If you are in your proper trophy range you will see in your mm normal trophies 6-12 let’s say, If you dropped lots of trophies and will apear not in your trophy range, a game mechanizm will go a little bit crazy and you will be able to get 40-50 trophies from mm. It will get adjusted after some time.

For example, if you are at 4k trophy range and offer little trophies to me (e.g. 5k trophy range) and if by some means within a day you gain 2k trophies and appear in top 10, I will still see little trophies from you, like you still were at 4k trophy range. It will take some time bofre game adjustes, after some time you should offer me like 13 trophies, although your base wouldn’t be so good to offer so many.

As I said, you will get used to it. Sometimes you will see someone in MM who offers you 50 trophies, sometimes someone will take 50 trophies from you. Players tend to change their trophies drastically for stripping purposes, war, or ninja event.

It’s normal for your trophy range if someone dumps.  curamaj is leveling and dumping, so that seems normal to me.

If you see 50 trophies in MM or if someone take so many from you, that means either you or that person shouldn’t be in that trophy range. If you see someone offering 50 trophies in a 4k trophy range, don’t get too excised as such base will be way stronger than other bases within that trophy range, simply because that base belongs to another range.


My range of trophies is 4,800 / 5,000 is not nice to lose so many trophies in this type

My range of trophies is 4,800 / 5,000 is not nice to lose so many trophies in this type

Yes, it is not nice, but at the same time, one day you will see  in your MM someone offering you 30-50 trophies, you won’t get tempted and try to get it ? :slight_smile:


yes, is sure! But only one time you have this “offert”… For second round you see again normal tropies 9/ 12… In this situation this players attack me and other player in me too alliance, 1, 2, 3 times and win ever the same number of trophies

Because they keep finding you in the mm. Only in mm you have a chance to get so many trophies. That player had just luck to find you so many times in mm, you on the other hand, had bad luck.


As @Mag already said, when you dump and your match maker algorithm resets to you losing a lot, you will see people in your MM that offer a high amount of trophies.  The range that I found this most effective was 4000-5000.  As you start winning again, another MM algorithm is triggered and you will be stabilized in the range of 5-15 or so trophies.  Keep winning and that number will reduce again.  I’ve found it takes about 10-15 battles for it to reset.  I don’t know if it’s a periodic calculation that is done or on per player basis.

all right now… In this moment, more things is good only for some players… The luck isen’t an valor :wink:

I did a monk only raid to make you feel better (I did call 1 cannon by mistake at the start :)).