OK I thought I’d save my thoughts for a rainy day, but I’m cookin’ on gas so I’m gonna throw it out there…please comment in order to gauge a greater opinion…WARNING TEXT WALL…


So Ajax has been revisited several times by the devs, in an attempt to make him a more useable hero. There have been buffs/nerfs to damage/health/morale, but all have failed to address two fundamental floors. The first being his inability to kill the gatekeeper (GK) statue (99% of players know this is due to only dealing physical damage). 
The second fundamental floor is that he has no ‘core’ powers and all 5 powers need to be upgraded separately, which is very time consuming and in detriment to a players progress in early/mid game. 
Due to the high probability the Ajax can’t kill the GK, he gets left at home during wars, especially in high leagues.  This leads to Ajax not being a commonly played hero and for the most part resigned to being a librarian (collecting wisdom). With his powers being the last to be upgraded.

1.    Shield Slam power SHOULD stun the GK (possibly the nyx tower if in range of the A of D cone) for at least 3 seconds, giving at least a small window to get some damage done to the GK.
2.    Devour Strength, SHOULD be renamed ‘Devour life Force’ thus enabling this power to be used on the GK.
3.    Charge – this should ignore 100% damage resistance/reflection of the GK, after all he doesn’t bounce off of the GK, he goes right through it. (this is in keeping with Ajax’s combat intelligence and ability to find weak spots in enemies)
4.    Whirlwind – Ignore 25% physical damage res/reflection. – Could be modified (maybe in line with exp lvl)

Going back to the history of Ajax, he was rarely favoured by the gods, with the exception of Poseidon.  I call for a new passive ability named ‘gift of Poseidon’
‘Gift of Poseidon’ does not affect ANY Ajax powers but affects ALL normal Ajax hits dealing a set % of elemental damage based on the experience lvl of Ajax (lvl20 = 50% elemental damage/ lvl10 = 25% elemental damage) The remainder is normal physical damage whereby perks apply normally.
Elemental damage = (fire/ice/poison/lightning) 
How to apply the elemental damage:
1.    Could be totally random.
2.    Be a cyclical sequential order always being fire –ice-poison-lightning, etc.
3.    Before the start of any battle with Ajax while we look at the enemy base and study tower types, GK resistances etc, we could manually choose his elemental damage modifier.  (I personally like this one – but slightly more work for the devs I think, but the strategy potential for Ajax would make this very enjoyable.)

Take a look @CaptainMorgan and @Chris

I like the minor tweaks there. One suggestion I had earlier is that the perks on your weapon would apply to his powers. It wouldn’t necessarily help out with the GK directly (although stun would maybe), but it would help get to the gate faster with potentially a bigger army.

Good ideas @Philstar,

But I suggest shield slam should stun the gate keeper for five seconds not three seconds.

Also I hope developers need to think and any new player now need to get 100 titan points to unlock Ajax as opposed to 30 points.

Why not not make him Strong hero like Artemis(She is designed well)

My friend, Ajax was cool to play before Nyx got introduced, then after that everything changed. He wasn’t as effective as some other heroes. Then we got the forge, within weeks, ppl started to lose vs strong heroes with high physical resistance. So he was used mostly to guard the Gate and farm resources until the point where ppl got rid of him. 

P.s I really like Philstar’s idea, his spells need to be more effective, unleashing a different damage than physical. 

Dumpster only problem is what if his main weapon have potency or demoliation or attack speed ?

Then how can such perks affect his spells???

Demolition is pretty obvious. It currently doesn’t trigger during his powers. Passive perks like potency might not have any effect, but it would be your choice to use them or not based upon how effective you think they are.