The Alliance Adventures of Blookie Bloo

I, Blookie Bloo (IGN: Adjudicator), have long been locked up in the Tower of HUNS. King Budakalasz shackled me to a tiny cell and ordered me to make everyone laugh! And make them laugh I did for 4 LONG months. I said to King Buda, “Release me, so I can explore the RR2 countryside and come back with more jokes!” Begrudgingly, King Buda set me free, but warned me that if I were to ever expose the video of him dancing in a leotard, he had an even worse video of me (more on this later)!


First, I stopped by C.I.A. I reunited with my good friend, Gypsy Rose, who gained instant fame through The Ballad of Gypsy Rose. Because we HUNS are so poor and cannot afford exotic boosts as we level up, the wonderful Rose activated elite wolf for me to try out that magical combo of elite mummy/archer/wolf. So generous! If you want to meet the classiest player in all RR2 land, you can find her right there in C.I.A. :slight_smile:


Next, I stopped by Philippines Warriors. A general there, SuperMOA88 was AMAZING! He opens his day saying, “I declare blessings upon you all today!” That’s what they wake up to everyday! How awesome is that? And when I left, he said, “God bless you as you sew a seed of greatness. Let My Lord return a huge harvest to you.” What an outlook on life! I can’t think of a more inspired player. I tried to get him to visit the HUNS for just a day, but his loyalty to PW couldn’t be broken. That’s pure goodness right there.


Finally, I stopped by Solidarity. Immediately I could see why they’ve been so wildly successful: Dr. Tuppa is a driven Leader. He’s soaking in a competitive spirit and is an insufferable optimist. He knows what it takes to stay on top. And their bases! Way to intimidate the new guy, Solidarity! Who do you guys think you are? You guys are all Budakalasz with your top bases! J I tried out elite wolf/mummy/archer there… yep… 7% raids. :slight_smile:


Ultimately, though, I missed the HUNS. I set out on my journey thinking of staying at another alliance for a while. And I really, really, really wanted to try out a top 15 alliance and stay for a while. Dr. Tuppa was so gracious in his conversation, knowing that I was already missing my HUNS clan. And I really missed the HUNS family, even after 1 day. We have The Rujubuzugu Show starring rudrA, Adju (me), Buda, Katzu, and Hillfigure. It’s pure entertainment around the clock. It’s the most absurd and nonstop laughter. Ultimately, this game is a social one for me, and HUNS is the place where we get our humor groove going. :slight_smile:


Oh, and Us vs Them declined me outright! Lol. Way to go, UvT, missing out on The Great Adju! (jk! Shout out to Horkos!!!).

adjudicator  we enjoyed your visit soooo much you are right about the humour the huns have it in abundance lucky you

Lol…now you know why I left Huns,because I was missing my real FUNNY PEOPLE :slight_smile: family:)

Great post adju:) and if you ever want to visit an average level alliance,must visit us we have beer from Belgium,french fries from russia:) and chilled ice from Canada:D:D:D:D

Huns is a great alliance and it Is slowly moving to get full 60 members.super duper good luck to you guys.can’t wait to see you guys in top 10 soon:)

adju i think you should send friend request to my member “blue-blooded” you may get some new jokes! :stuck_out_tongue:



I am truly sorry we lucked out on your incredible prose and sense of humor!

Luckily we have your forum posts to catch a bit of your personal sunshine.


Keep up the good work!!!




Knight Gallant



Thanks for this amazing travelogue of your journey around the RR2 world.

I hope, one day you can enjoy the benefits of a TOP10 alliance (e.g. the HUNS :-).

And I never-ever let you go away from the HUNS’ Tower’s tiny cell again . :slight_smile:


See you in the RR2 world…




Thank you so much again of all the help you give us on the way of our journey to the top!

I hope, Adju serve you well - take care of him, he is my favourite general (it is in his mind :-).


Good luck and welcome back (just for a simple talk, without donation :-)!


Lol you the man Adju! Next time buddy, you’re staying with us for a day :grinning:

Any game is created to have fun.


The HUNS have understood this idea right. :slight_smile:


By the way, all of you are invited to visit Genie Master between the seasons.

Just open yourself for invites, send us a message and the invitation is on the way.


We have a serious bug in our alliance: Players without any sense of Humor, cannot join…





Lol…i have a rose in my alliance too and she is extremely loyal and very helpful.i guess players with this name are awesome