The alliance feature needs Adjustments

Hallo Everybody :-) 

I have 3 problems with the alliance feature that makes me want to avoid joining an alliance altogether. 

  1. I dont like the fact that i have to withdraw a hero from a production island , OR , to not be able to raid with him/her just because he s participating in a clan war.

  2. Why only use just one hero in a clan war?

3.While selecting alliances I can see the boosts  only after I join. I need to be able to see the boosts before I join to decide if I want to apply or not. An “advanced search” for selecting alliances in terms of their boosts would be SOOOOOOOOO cool!!!

All the best to All!!!


If you don’t wanna fight in wars and only are looking for boosts you indeed better don’t join any alliance ?


While I personally disagree with most of what is asked here, I do understand where the OP is coming from. And, of course, that’s their choice. So, let me see if I can help illustrate the following request:

Now, while this preview does help the browsing player decide before joining, it also helps the receiving alliance as they get a player who has made an informed decision. Often, new members join & leave in a few minutes, much to the amusement/ annoyance of existing members. So, a listing of all 12 divine blessings & 9 war blessings could help both parties. Perhaps, @CaptainMorgan could confirm feasibility.


Thats a REALLy helpful screen AriesRising is it in the game now or u made it yourself?

If not for the boosts and the rewards what other reason is there to join an alliance AlterPappi?

To meet nice people, to talk about the game and other aspects of life, to fight wars with them, to beat other alliances, to build up a dominant alliance, TO HAVE FUN!

@megatheo I don’t know at what level you are playing but you are new to the game.

Game isn’t about blessings and reward

I only change my alliance when I lose active players or see my teammates doing point chasing and not following clan motto or not playing war at all but My team is providing every single blessings of the game for three years.

Yep three years and war blessings are always extended.

But honestly Speaking I just kick players who only come for blessings and Don’t donate or play wars.

Such player’s are not welcomed in any alliance.

You should listen to what @AlterPapi just said and think about it.

Thanks, Megatheo. I create these images (using Microsoft PowerPoint & Paint) to visually describe my textual idea. Developers can understand visually presented suggestions much better, IMHO. ☺️

As @HOLYDIVINE correctly pointed, an alliance with globally diverse players is so much more than just Blessings & Gold. A communicative alliance is like Facebook, you get a bunch of friends to play with, share ideas/ jokes, discuss culture & cuisines, even crib about your teacher/ boss/ spouse/ the weather… THAT’s the real fun in alliance. Perhaps, you have not had a good experience with alliances before. If you like all these things, and will participate in wars, then you should join an alliance, else PvP is better. Because, if a player joins a clan & dord not participate in wars, the Founder will terminate their membership, … with no more blessings, back to PvP. ?

Yes, EXACTLY! megatheo, which of the following would you rather have: An alliance with not many active players (5 or 6) and has tons of boosts, or…an alliance that has 1 boost, but is active, friendly, and fun! I know which one I would choose

You see, games should not be treated like a job. Yes, boosts are important for attacking, but games are made for FUN! You play them, you join an alliance, you meet players, you talk and play with them. THAT is what makes a game great!

U all got pretty emotional with my message and clearly didnt bother to read what the message is saying…so let me explain what my message CLEARLY states!!!

U all assume that I am not an active player in wars and donations!!!..well I am.

I just dont want to invest my precious gems to upgrade the hall of Uranus and my best hero to an alliance that doesnt invest in Blessings & Gold.This game is competitive and like it or not blessings  r key to winning and enjoying this game, therefore, it is important to see the blessing that each alliance yes before u decide to join.

Lets see how dominant is your dominant alliance and how loyal are your loyal members when u stop the blessings u ve been extending for 3 years. Only AriesRising   understood the message   and gave me a perfect response, all the others r just drama queens wasting my time.

Where do you think we got money for three years blessings?

Answer is every member makes gem donations once a week or month. Bingo plus they all are playing OR since its debut.(by the way since you are new let me tell you something buying blessings is no joke prior to the new war format.Four months ago even buying or prolonging a single blessing required chuck load of money)

The feature you are requesting is completely opposite of what other vetran players are asking.

We are in fact looking for a feature that will allow founders or generals to stop Alliance hopping players to use allaince bleesings until they become veteran.

Since you want to know so badly about blessings.Just join any top 50 teams they all provide blessings.

(P.S. you can join my team since you are only interested in blessings.We have all divine and war blessings except Chaos gate)

If you think blessing and War blessings are a obligation to play OR. I guess you don’t have understand all about this game. In Royal Revolt 2 boost are 100% important without is close impossible. Possible only if all your spells and units are forged at +150 but you must be crazy like me to play like this 

in OR you don’t need any boost to play this game. That why I like more OR than RR2. Without boost this game is easy. No need boost to beat all opponent. If you want to join a Alliance if more to have fun with others than boost. talk to them,raid with them and exchange cool conversation with them,etc… Not for the boost. If you have just boost in your head. Forget to join a alliance. No alliance like Jumper. in RR2 its a pain jumper who look just for boost and don’t help and play solo and abuse of the boost. at the moment there is no more boost they leave and find a another one and leave and so on…

Continue to play solo than if you think just about boost and nothing else. You have wrong about what a alliance is and its sad :slightly_frowning_face:

You have a high level account in RR2 and a low level account in OR. Blessings are very important in OR also, but you might be too low level to see it right now.

Remember I have play OR with a level 105 and never use any blessing. Nothing will change. Same if I reach ascension 110-120 or 130. You don’t need blessing to play OR. That why I do a Youtube channel to show you don’t need blessings. Like you don’t need really boost in RR2. They are just additional power but nothing more. I don’t like to cheat. I compare boost with cheat. I hate this. I play fair and square. No need to abuse of power to beat someone.

I prefer play with strategies. Use weakness to win. Not power to win. its not in my playstyle sorry

105 is mid level now, not high level. So something changed. Don’t be stubborn.

And maybe if you bought some blessings you could keep players from leaving your alliance. Something to think about.

nothing change. My siren are at level 16 and I destory everyone with no problem and reach the gate with over 1 minute 40 seconds or worst case 1 minutes. So no I don’t need boost and never will. Just watch my youtube how I will do at Ascension 110-120 and 130. you will learn something.Maybe

Remember when you quit the forums? That was nice, maybe you could do it again.

lol just because I don’t want to play like you? someone should be forced to play like you and nothing else? People are forced to agree with you? I am not a black sheep. I play and I like to play game in my way. that why the majority of time people are impress by the tricks I give on my Youtube channel. Because I find tricks nobody know or show on Youtube. You will be surprise of all tricks I know for many games because I play differently. I try all. When I play a triple A game what you think I do? I play, I play and restart again and again to find all tricks none show on a FAQ or on Youtube. That make me different of all the others.

So excuse me if I don’t want to do like the others. Its not in my personality to do the same. If someone or if everyone when to jump under a river I will not do it. If everyone want to have a Iphone XI I will not have a phone. I hate be like the others and never I will be like the others in the life,in a game or anything else 

@megatheo you should thank @CaptainMorgan (only guy who listens to the feedback and suggestions at forum ?) and@AriesRising(for the beautiful illustration for the idea)

The feature you requested is implemented in the game already.

Upgrade OR to version 4.2.0

(Near) Perfect… Thanks for the screenshot, Holydivine, my PC version still does not show it. And, see how the real one is so much awesomer than my fakes… ?

Many thanks to Megatheo for triggering this idea & all my insightful veteran friends who “liked” it. This is exactly how we cooperate to make our beloved Olympus Rising better for all. ☺️

@CaptainMorgan, I never experienced such a prompt customer responsiveness from any company, let alone gaming ones. Wow…, you ARE indeed the bestest!  ? ???

(Now, if we could also have the other alliance entry criteria of Min. Donation, Min. Trophies, Min. Fame data points also displayed, that would be PERFECT! )