The Alliance Tower poll version 2

The most expensive building in the game to upgrade is the alliance tower. 

"You upgrade the tower to help your team, nothing more nothing less. Doing so or not shows whether you are a team player in some way or not. "

(There was some good feedback. I would like to create a new poll to incorporate the feedback received.)

Like I suggested before, there should be milestones for total donation of a player.

When you for example have donated 10M, get a grey gem chest, 20M a green gem chest, 30M a blue gem chest, 40M a purple gem chest an for 50M a legendary gem chest. After reaching the legendary chest the milestones should reset.

It has a few main purposes:

  • Stay loyal to your team, otherwhise you miss the gem chests
  • Upgrade your tower, the higher your possible daily donation, the faster you reach a milestone.
  • Donate daily, every day you miss means it takes longer before you reach a milestone.