The amount of medals in Dungeon

What’s determine the amount of medals in dungeon for a player?



The amount of medals in a dungeon increases at increasing of the level of your king and decreases at increasing of the level of your units, their boosts and spells. A high amount of medals indicates less probability to reach and to destroy the gate, while a low amount of medals means more probability to reach and to destroy the gate. However, the level of your king affects in the opposite way. 

One from both pictures is mine and I’m sure the medals I got from it never changed since my hero reach lvl 100 (there’s probability even before that but I began to observe it from lvl 100). I’m now lvl 106. If what you said is true, then is there any range of hero level that make the medal increasing? (e.g the medals increase for every 5 lvl of hero).

You said about decreasing at troops, boost and spells increasing. So why it doesn’t change when I switch my troops and spell that have lower level than my usual set up?

Is there any way to increase the amounts of that medals?

ps. By the way, how much medals you got from the dungeon that i posted in spoiler above? (Vein of Gold XXIII)

Can’t help much here but offering my data, I get 558 and am lvl 98.

How much did you take to reach level 100?

Vein of Gold XXIII is giving 582 medals to me (I’m at level 101).

The medals increase for every level of king. But I don’t remember if the medals I got can change above level 100 (I reached throne room level 10 yesterday and I’m upgrading my wizard’s tower and my troop academy, so I will reach level 102 before upgrading my units and spells, and I will check).

I think that medals don’t change because they are related to your most used units (in my alliance my 4 most used units are boosted) and spells. If you replace boosted units with unboosted units, the number of medals doesn’t change (if you don’t change alliance).

Probably the number of medals is related mainly to your best possible setup of units, their boosts and spells.

I got 558 medals with hero lvl 106.

The other one is my alliance members, 546 medals with hero lvl 92.

I saw AwesomestKnightest video. He got 541 medals with hero lvl 90.

How much what? Time? I don’t remember ?


You got more than me. How? (my hero lvl is higher than yours)


So it only change when I leave my current alliance?


Yeah, that’s possible.


Still need certainly. Will wait your observation results when your hero lvl increased to 102.

How many months (or years) have you reached level 100?

I always maximized all my units and spells before upgrading my throne room.


If you leave your alliance, the number of medals increases, if you join an alliance with higher level boosts, the number of medals decreases, if your alliance wants to reduce the number of unit boosts and/or their level, the number of medals increases.

if I’m not mistake less or 1 year? , but is there any correlation with this topic?


But I’m at 106 and you at 101. My hero lvl is higher but the amount of medals is lesser than yours? Then there’s nothing to do with hero lvl?

@everline got same amount with me when his hero lvl is 98.


Will try it later or did you already confirm that? If it already confirmed, then there’s no need for me to try it myself.

It means that my units and spells have lower levels compared than yours and those of everline.


I don’t think so, but you quoted your level and I’m curious.


After I left an alliance (except for last time), I stayed alone for few days to evaluate the offers.

Yeah, my usual setup already maxed.


So is it confirmed? or not? (I’m talking about medals in dungeon not the offers)


Hm… by the way, that’s if I’m not mistaken, because I didn’t keeping track of when my hero reach a certain level.

Yes, if a player stays alone, the number of medals in a dungeon increases.

I also get 558 medals at level 95. But for earlier dungeons (like 1-3 maps back) my medal output has dropped drastically recently, I thought it was because I gained levels but having read y’all I’m confused.

That…makes no sense…

Because you upgraded units and/or spells and/or your alliance activated and/or upgraded unit boosts.

Same no. of medal as yours but less amount of gold.( King level 104 )

So  not only medals but we can get lesser gold too?

More confusion here. Can I call flare staff now? LOL.

I’m betting on the former, I maxed some things since I beat those dungeons after all.

But no wonder game rules are confusing when everything depends on different things (food cost->king level, raid gold->level difference, dungeon medal->level of something sometimes, dungeon gold->who knows what, weekly event->dice roll). And that may be why flare doesn’t answer questions about game details and parameters - no one has track of anything anymore.

I get also 558 for 538 food at level 107.


I’m still at level 101, but the number of medals in Vein of Gold XXIII is decreased to 562 medals, because I upgraded wizard’s tower and troop academy few hours ago (black magic and monk are unlocked).