The Ark II ... bored by top play, or just wanna have fun ??? Join now!!

After hundreds of routine attacks using archer, mummy, wolf … or being routinely attacked by the same players always 

I might be visiting but not staying. I wished I could stay longer though because you guys are awesome :grinning:

But I doubt you would want me to stay for long because I would be asking where you’re from every single day.


Maybe one day we will get to meet you in war. Would be fun to fight you.


I wish you guys all the best and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Good to know the new Baby ARK in good Hands:)

Yes Jewel they Game gets boring with the time! But i think we show very much player how funny fairplay is:)

Good to see the “MotherARK” on Top 20! And soon the ARK II is on Top 10:)

So @all: Have Fun, Play Fair and Join the ARKs:)

Hi, 2nd call

Hi guys, thank for the invitation but I will be staying in HUNS though. I had heard great story of you guys from my leader Budakalasz and I’m sure that with your leadership and experience it’s only a matter of time before reaching the top. I wish you guys the best, good luck and have fun.   :slight_smile:

"I started this game as one of the founders of vanguard legion, note that the Arks have nothing to do with any of the big guys ( 


If this is really the case, why are you hiding one of wms proxies (Hudson Hawk) in there?


I left The Ark for Ark II. Til then there was no Hudson Hawk in the Ark, and I don’t keep daily control of members in the other alliance, sorry :grinning:

I just checked to confirm you are right, Drum, and am very disappointed there. Will ask MC to kick Hudson asap, but his decision, we lead independently now :slight_smile:

done:) no worry:) we play Fair:)


Thanks Jewel and MC, it was an observation, it is obviously your choice to keep or kick, but its hard to sell yourself in the way you are when you have someone that goes against the whole grain of what you say you stand for.


Best of luck to both Arks

We hope we can do with our rules something to keep this game fair and alive!

Thks, Drum, for your wishes :slight_smile:


PS: we still have a few open slots before our very first war, criteria for future members:

  • king level 65 plus

  • donation 75k plus

  • dedicated, loyal, and active


(increased a bit, due to the good response :grinning:

my neutral feelings for the ark just shifted to the…hey great alliance side…way to go.