[_The Ark_]

We are looking for new family members to join [_The Ark_] , if anyone interested comment your Game Name

Requirements :

-4000 trophies (and level 70 king preferably) Donate 250k Gold

-active Facebook account 

-preferably can communicate in either English 

-active and can make daily donation 

-can work together and give full cooperation

-can do in war also 

Do your members have to strip and dump trophies on wm2014 as well?



Then I’ll not say a bad word against you, best of luck guys.

I wish you all luck for your new Alliance and i hope you will be successfull and have much fun.

I will also miss to visit your base because there is no VL in your name now :grinning:


p.s.: thanks for the visit yesterday Jewelmania, short but nice talk.


p.s.: if your project don´t work, i hope it will, you are all welcome at my little alliance. don´t spend to much money in this game. this game is going down since a few month.


good luck


Hi guys,


in case some people wondering about our rapid progress: well, we have some generous ex-VL top members not shy to spend a lot of money to buy slots (sorry, Michael, not heeding your advise, yet :grinning:

Gentlemen, [_The Ark_] is a symbol for a beginning of a new era in Royal Revolt 2.


We stand for: Integrity, Friendship and Loyalty.

We are against all the dirty politics and don’t mix with it.


Join us and at last, have fun in this game - this is what it is intended for.


Seeya with us!