The Art of War: An Introduction to Alliance Wars

War is coming…


With the release of the Alliance War feature, Alliances in Royal Revolt 2 have come full circle.


Gather your allies, declare war on other Alliances and battle for land, gold and glory!

Leading your Alliance to victory will not always be easy but don’t worry. This post will help to get you and your allies started on your quest to greatness.

1.0 The Basics:

Alliance Wars allow you and your allies to directly compete with other Alliances.

Fight them for territories and earn unique rewards and bonuses for your victories.

Being victorious will require the following ingredients:




1.1 War Seasons:

Individual Alliance Wars take place over a certain span of time.  

This several day long period is known as a War Season.

War Seasons start at the same time for all players globally and your Alliance will automatically join a season at the start if it has 8 or more active members.

Your Alliance will be grouped together with up to 5 other Alliances of equal skill to compete against.



1.2 The War Map:

Click on the Alliance Wars card in your Alliance menu to gain access to the War Map.

The War Map will give you an overview of the current state of your Alliance’s war efforts and serves as your personal war table where you can strategize with your allies and plan the next move. It is the heart of your Alliance’s war campaign:



The hexagons you see on the maps are called Fiefdoms.


During the course of a War Season, Alliances will fight for these Fiefdoms and seek to gain more and more power by conquering new territories.


At the beginning of a War Season, each of the 5 Alliances that you are grouped with will own 3 of the 18 Fiefdoms that you can see on the War Map.

As you can see above, all Fiefdoms owned by your Alliance are marked with your Alliance’s sigil and share the same background so that you can easily identify them.    


  1. Fighting an Alliance War:

Alliance leaders and General can start an Attack War to challenge other Alliances for one of their Fiefdoms.

Simply click on “Declare War” on the War Map and select which Fiefdom you want to try and conquer.


Whenever an attack on an enemy’s Fiefdoms is initiated, an Alliance War is officially started!


Alliance Wars last for roughly a day and are resolved by earning a special currency known as “Skulls”. 

2.1 Earning Skulls:

Attacking a member of an enemy Alliance that your Alliance is currently at war with will result

in you earning a special currency known as Skulls.

Skulls will be earned in addition to all other resources you normally also can earn through regular matchmaking (Gold, Medals and Trophies).

Skulls are extremely valuable since they are used to determine who wins an Alliance War!

Remember that during an Alliance War, all bets are off. This means that (unlike normally) players can be attacked while they are online. Gold that is stolen throughout an Alliance war is not taken from the Treasure Chamber, however. It is instead generated by the Alliance Wars system itself.

The War Standings menu is the easiest way to keep track of the current state of your Alliance War. It shows you how much Skulls your Alliance has earned compared to your rival Alliance and shows you the member of your own Alliance as well as how many skulls they have claimed for the war effort in total.


The category “Lost” also shows you how many skulls enemy players were able to earn by attacking you.


Once you are at war with another Alliance, you can also press the attack button in the War Standings menu to open the Attack Overview. The Attack Overview will show you a list of all players in the enemy Alliance that you can attack to gather Skulls. If you already attacked somebody, it will also show you how many Skulls you were able to earn from him so far.


The overall amount of Skulls your Alliance earns during an Alliance War is determined the following way:

Your top 3 attacks which earned you the most Skulls with a single fight will contribute in full to the overall score.

All of your other attacks will contribute a certain percentage number of bonus Skulls to the overall score.

If your Alliance’s overall number of Skulls was higher than that of the enemy Alliance after the Alliance War is over, your Alliance will be declared the winner!


2.2 Defending and Conquering Fiefdoms:

Always remember that conquering new territories is just as important as defending the ones you already own!

While you can only attack one enemy Fiefdom at a time, you will be open to the attacks of multiple other Alliances in the process.

Other Alliances attacking a Fiefdom owned by your Alliance will result in a Defense War. Losing a Defense War results in the attacking Alliance gaining control over your Fiefdom.

It is important to keep a balance between conquering new territories and defending the ones you already own throughout the course of a War Season.  

Fighting on too many fronts can quickly spread your Alliance too thin while being too defensive can lead to your Alliance falling behind early.   

2.3. Winning and Losing an Alliance War:


If you attack an enemy Alliance and your final number of Skulls was higher than that of the enemy Alliance, you will be rewarded with control over the Fiefdom that you attacked.

If you manage to acquire more Skulls than the enemy while being attacked yourself, you will retain control over the Fiefdom that you were challenged for and can start planning your revenge.

If your Alliance has no Fiefdoms left at any point you will be eliminated if you are not currently still attacking an enemy Alliance’s Fiefdom.

You can still observe how the War Season develops after being eliminated but are unable to participate until a new season starts.



  1. Winning the War Season and Rewards:

Conquering as many Fiefdoms throughout the course of a season as possible will make your Alliance stronger and bring you closer to your ultimate goal:

Winning the overall War Season!

The top 3 Alliances that managed to conquer the most Fiefdoms throughout the War Season will receive up to 3 unique Elite Boosts as reward that can only be unlocked this way and will be active for 5 days.

You can either prolong these Boosts for free by winning another Alliance War season or by manually prolonging them with Alliance gold. The boosts also become more and more powerful based on the total number of Fiefdoms owned by your Alliance.  

The Season Standings will give you an overview of how your Alliance is doing compared to the other Alliances in your bracket. Access it by clicking on “Standings” on the War Map:



Also, the Fiefdoms that each Alliance conquered will be added to the total number of Fiefdoms conquered throughout all War Seasons.


The more Fiefdoms an Alliance owns in total, the greater their Tax Bonus will be.


The taxes generated from your conquered Fiefdoms grant your Alliance a Gold bonus to all donations by your members.


You can also review how your Alliance did in the recent seasons and watch a replay by clicking on the “history” menu-card in the Alliance menu.


If you only want to review the current War Season, you can also simply click on the History button that is located on the War Map itself.


Are you still having questions? check our gameplay FAQ and the newly added “Alliance Wars” section!

Can i use this for the Wikia Jona ?

Hi Jona,


Many thanks for the information and all the help you give us.

I have only 1 message to your colleagues: 3 days went and our prices are still about double of the regular (I wrote to support and got the feedback on Monday that they solve it as soon as possible) - it would be great to decrease back the prices before alliance wars begin (so about 21 hours left…).


Thank you, regards,

Jona - I see that we start with ‘x’ number of fiefdoms already, and we are already receiving a tax bonus.  In reviewing numerous other alliances on the leaderboard, I see large variety in starting fiefdom count.  What is this starting number tied to?  # of members?  Current trophy count?


Thank you, really looking forward to war starting!


#EDIT - Is declaring war based on which other fiefdoms are touching one that you own?  In other words, can I only attack adjacent territory?  If yes, can you attack multiple adjacent fiefdoms out of one territory?  The picture above makes it look like they must be adjacent to attack, which I think is logical and will give some order to the war, but please clarify if you can declar war on multiple fiefdoms from one of your own fiefdoms.


Yes, absolutely.


The total number of trophies was used to determine an Alliance’s starting Fiefdoms.


You can only attack adjacent terriroties as the post above states. Since you can only declare one Attack War at a time, you will be able to launch multiple attacks from the same fiefdom but only one at the same time.

We are aware that people that aren’t logged in are currently unable to view the attached pictures. We are looking into this to see if it can be fixed.





Thanks for the reply. If you can only attack one fiefdom at a time, is this statement true? -   “It is important to keep a balance between conquering new territories and defending the ones you already own throughout the course of a War Season.”

I guess I thought that implied you could open multiple attacks but at your own peril.  Perhaps you are just stating you should be aware to defend as much as conquer.



To clarify:


You can only attack one other territory at once ( 1 Attack War at once ).


However, numerous other Alliances might attack you at the same time ( Several Defense Wars at once )


So you see that being too aggressive in the beginning might lead to other Alliances attacking you from various angles later throughout the season.



I Like THE NAME OF ALLIANCE YOU use in the picture :slight_smile:

This has been very helpful, I was wondering about the update. Just one question: do inactive members of an alliance count for an alliance?


This is not really a reply, just a question.



During defence war, can my fiefdom being attacked by TWO OR MORE alliance at the same time? Can Two Or MORE alliance declare a war on the same fiefdom at the same time?

Do all members of your alliance participate in each war? Can they all attack or be attacked?


I will double check this and add it to the Gamplay FAQ later.

Question : 

What happen if during an Alliance War, i wanna edit my base, and enemy happen to run in (since they can attack us even if we are online). So they will attack an incomplete base?


Yes, all members participate. There’s no hiding in an Alliance War.

Yes, Jona, this is rather important. With the Alliance Wars a lot of people will probably toughen their defenses (including me; I was trying to drop trophies but probably won’t anymore). There’s no way to safely redesign your base if it can be attacked at any moment.


I will check up on this as well.

RR2 organizators. You probably have a leak in your company…


Now I understand why in some alliances, many members have completely opened their bases, welcoming any attack. This goes on for a couple of days already. They understand that they must go to much lower #place in the alliances leaderboard, in order to get easy opponents in the first season…


So, please check where the leak comes from…


Always on the watch,



The information on alliances being matched based on trophy count/rank was announced on facebook earlier this week. Subsequently, numerous members of my alliance were recipients of trophy dumping by others.   This was public knowledge.