The attacks still do not appear ... we are in the middle of a war and I receive diamonds, but I do not see the attacks, nor the percentage

We wait for a new update? There is no solution?

Enemy attacks are ingame notifications which arrive in the form of draw over one of the Olympus Rising (own) frames. And if this worked well on PCs where Windows verified everything you were doing on PC with no stress (or even asked if to further report on third party instances) on phones this behavior is not (yet) built in Android. I can swear iOS has no such problems with unseen enemy attacks. And some producers are not allowing Android to read notifications. However this is recorded in your activity logs, but is not seen by Android. And to make sure this works also against unauthorized review of your notifications Olympus Rising is not allowed to debug it. So it can only rewrite the whole frame program. Maybe… or maybe not.

But is also recommended to uninstall and reinstall the game. I have Android, but under this trademark notifications are treated as additional behavior within trusted applications. Which makes my mobile more versatile. Usually phones with a free memory under a certain limit are more restrictive toward pop ups and notifications, app overdraw permissions and so on. They could have used a better swap memory, but this technique is available for processors with stability. And cheap phones do not have such processors, then no swap memory or not enough, then no notifications, pop ups and apps overdraw… but to make you happy they say this is for “security” :smile:

I use iOS…and I can assure you it doesn’t work

hmmm… strange… then is not the treatment toward notifications, pop ups and so on… iOS… but you see the frame? the frame popping up showing where heroes died, troops died and where have been casted invocations?

i ask because i have the feeling iOS can freeze this… this frame (but i must think why)… do you have a program for security on your phone? then if you do… stop it for ten minutes… restart your phone and see if attacks showed up

Another frequent issue is named “forcing full screen display” and if the invaders page (“frame”) is forcing full screen display and your iOS has not allowed this, has this set up to “restricted”… then the frame wont open… you can look in your settings or on iOS app store for an applet dedicated to forced full screen display

No, nothing comes out, it happens to me on the ipad and on the android phone … It happens to me for 30 days + - The same happens to many members of my alliance. I don’t have antivirus, and I have all the permissions granted.
It used to work for us all

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great now i can see further… and maybe this time… Is somehow because of a server pre-allocated port- dns search on your account and the “family” alliance… it seems like your guys have had issues with Olympus Rising… And then for the safetyness of the other players some built in server settings made this… bug :smile: … But if is nothing like this then someone has instructed the server to pass your requests through a “restrictive” path… Sometimes if the alliance leader has a security issue it is then shared with all members… and all requests from server look like passing through the same network settings established by the alliance leader / or founder… I do not feel free to speak about this :smile:

you’re russian… great great country with nothing in it, right?

but to tell you how it works :smile: … you start the game, game attempts to connect at server, server says that for you is allocated only PORT XYZ… but on port XYZ frames like this announcing LIVE news on attacks are not allowed… then the frame with attack news, even if it opens… is empty :smile: … sorry for this… I dunno if this has been set up by someone or by someone else. Is to risky for me to complain about this :smile: … Good luck.

No, España…

the advantage is you cannot get hacked same easy :smile: although you cannot access live results

We have made a fix for this which will be released with the next version (hopefully this month).


Thank you, I appreciate his effort.

yep he made a fix of this, I swear…