THE AVENGERS is an alliance which was created with the goal to unite players from all over the world. I am very happy with the height the alliance has reached. We have 13 members who donate 50k and 2 members who donate 75k, we had a 500k donator but unfortunately left. I would like to invite players who want to progress in this game. My alliance at this moment is focused on raising the trophies of members so now we have fully equipped all available elite boost and because of our good donation base we are able to keep the elite boosts going. I advice you all to join my alliance THE AVENGERS. Will be expecting some replies. Thank you.

Good luck for your alliance kwabena but my suggestion is instead of boosting you should focus on upgrading the alliance so that you can reach level 21 faster because that will open storm cannon and it requires millions and millions of donations without boosting.


We just started with this game plan. It’s like a treat to my members and this will help my members win their various leagues easily. I am planning to win the Diamond League and get my last star.

We have now fully effected our elite boost strategy,I am inviting you to join the alliance and enjoy this bonus.