Hello again, would it be possible for the life information bar of the beast you were attacking to be in the middle of the beast and not on top of its head? Is that when you attack, especially the PHOEBE, the bar of your life is always not visible, because it is almost at the top of the margin of the game and you do not see how many attacks you have left to defeat it. THANK YOU.

I do not see the current placement as a problem. In fact, it’s very helpful. The beasts are much taller than all the troops and thus it’s easy to distinguish the health bar when it is on top. The health bar never is hard to find, as it is right now. In my opinion, if you moved the health bar to the middle of the beast, you’d never be able to see how much health it had left! Why? Cause it’d be mixed with all the other troops around it, making it impossible to distinguish it from the other health bars around it!

Please leave the health bar the way it is!